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President Obama’s Real Impeachable Offense

I try to give the White House advice from time to time – just to be helpful, you know? And since this is a matter of real urgency for President Obama – his impeachment – I thought I would provide an assist.

Let me start at the top, Mr. President: If you do not kill Muammar Qaddafi, you will be impeached. Or you should be.

You have started a war against him. If he survives, he will exact retribution against the United States. We know this because he did it before, blowing up a Pan Am commercial jet over Lockerbee a couple of years after he was bombed in a much more limited fashion by Ronald Reagan.

I know, I know, I know, I know it is hard for you, given your background as a proponent of peace, justice, and the Chicago way, to conceive of your community organizer self as someone who started a war. You writhe desperately to get out from under the notion, sending your aides out to call this a “kinetic military action” and repeatedly proclaiming that we’re pulling back just as fast as we can.

But it is a war.

The problem – actually one of many problems – with the way you are waging it is that you are bowing to some international U.N. resolution instead of rules of engagement laid down here in the United States. You are operating by the world’s rules, not according to strategies and needs crafted here in the United States.

The resolution states that we are in this only to protect the people of Libya from Qaddafi. It doesn’t matter. You need to now either ignore this or interpret killing Qaddafi as an act that protects the Libyan people.

photo by Keith Koffler

And you think we are merely part of a broad coalition. But the world knows, if you don’t, who runs the world: the United States. This will be viewed by Qaddafi and others as a U.S.-led operation. And Qaddafi will know the correct address if he wants to strike back.

Once you have engaged an enemy in a war – yes, a war – and failed to kill him because international rules say you must not, you leave the United States open to his pitiless revenge.

If innocent Americans die because you have attacked an enemy and not only failed – but not really even tried – to kill him, YOU WILL BE IMPEACHED.

Getting him into exile, from where he can still operate his speed dial of terrorist friends – or even return to power – is not enough.

Your duty is to protect American people, not Libyan people.

You must kill Qaddafi. Or you will be impeached.

It’s okay, don’t thank me.

19 thoughts on “President Obama’s Real Impeachable Offense”

  1. He will never be impeached for this…my opinion. There are already “troops” on the ground guiding the planes. Another lie. Unless he gets this a declared war, he can’t “kill” the king–it would be an assassination then. It’s a mess, another Tar Baby, a half-vast misadventure, etc.

  2. The skinny Black guy assembled his posse of nerds then started flicking beer into the face of the leader of the baddest motorcycle gang, knocked over his bike, and told him he has to leave town.
    MrO did what many called on him to do; enact a NFZ in Libya. It didn’t force Kaddafi to leave, it doesn’t protect Libyan citizens from a massacre, it won’t protect us from retaliation, and the only reasonable exit strategy from this is to run away after declaring a “victory”.

  3. How can he kill Qaddafi? This is war by committee. No such kinetic military action has ever been successfully waged. Just look at the Athenian expedition against Syracuse in 415 BC. Doomed because there were so many “leaders” that there was no one to lead.

    He may be impeached if he fails to have any contact with Congress about this (has he gone to them, yet?), but the Senate will never vote to remove.

  4. “You need to now WITHER ignore this or interpret killing Qaddafi as an act that protects the Libyan people.”

    I assume you meant ‘either’. But interesting that ‘wither’ is your typo. Wither, dither, hither and yon… a Freudian slip? How is it that ‘wither’ could come to mind when talking about our President?

    Good stuff, thanks.

  5. Memba the letter from Moammar to ‘Bah-rock’ stating that he ‘will always love you like a son.’

    Why the emotional turmoil and angst this must cause our Dear Leader…why I think he needs to take a vacation to relax and unwind…

    With all ‘Syriousness’ just saw on Fox that Syrian troops have fired on anti-government protesters. What will Bah-rock do there? And does the Syrian Pres, al-Assid have ‘feeling, woa, woa, woa, feelings’ for Obama?

    1. Acc to the NYT, now NATO is taking over ground ops, too–but isn’t NATO us? Won’t we be paying, supplying most of the troops, isn’t the commander (not Ham) American? Seems like…as someone said, a shell game..plausible deniabilitty, scapegoating, distancing, something. Will our people wear blue helmets?

  6. I would agree that Ovomit probably will not be impeached for his Libyan decision. However, if this frightening idiot is to stay in office until January 2013, and continue at current pace in the destruction of the United States, we are doomed. United States will fall on it’s knees before January 2013. Congress must act and leash this incompetent boob and his socialist/communists administration or we are DONE FOR. Simple as that.

    1. Oh, Sparky–you are so gloomy…ruined? Armageddon? Come on, this is theatre of the absurd, and if you don’t count the lives lost, faith lost, pallets of Benjamins lost, sanity lost, futures lost–it’s free.

      1. By the way, some meanies are shooting at Syrian protestors–time to roll out the jets, the anonymous spotters, and the Democracy Kit.

  7. Incompetent Definition:

    1. not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable: an incompetent candidate.
    2. characterized by or showing incompetence: His incompetent acting ruined the play.
    3. Law .
    a. being unable or legally unqualified to perform specified acts or to be held legally responsible for such acts.
    4. Barack Hussein Obama

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  10. “Once you have engaged and enemy in a war – yes, a war – and failed to kill him…”

    I’m guessing that’s supposed to say “an.”

    Was going to post this on fb, but saw the typo. Don’t want to promote bad grammar, no matter how accurate and poignant the message may be :)
    Keep up the good work, Keith!

  11. The UN is not going to impeach him. Besides the majority of Americans believe in his “humanitarian mission” . The President is a community organizer and he never had to kill anybody before. The community organizer’s handbook doesn’t have a chapter on killing people who you fail to organize. The President needs to get a crash course from some Chicago mob guys.

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