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Obama: No Plans to Kill Qaddafi

President Obama told Congressional leaders in a briefing today that there are no plans to kill Qaddafi, POLITICO reports this afternoon. Which is unfortunate, because in the view of this blog that’s the real impeachable offense.

6 Responses to Obama: No Plans to Kill Qaddafi

  1. I hate to always comment with a question, but is there not a nonpolitically motivated individual that’s intelligent in this whole administration that can advise Obama what to do?

    • There are a few, but the result is the same. Every major thing the president does has to go through David Plouffe, the mastermind of his campaign who was brought into the White House this year to be at the president’s right hand. Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, another political animal, is also very influential.

  2. Announcing that you plan to off the leader of a sovereign nation would be undiplomatic at the very least. Our military didn’t kill SaddamHussein when he was captured, that decision of life and death was left to the people of Iraq.
    Like it or not, Kaddafi still has supporters in his country. The military has not turned on his regime and is still pushing the rebels into a retreat.