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Muslim Brotherhood Moves to Seize Power in Egypt

Sorry, not doing my Obama morning news roundup today. But I wanted to make sure you are aware of this extremely important article in the New York Times about the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

After initially dithering on this one too, President Obama eventually started pressuring Hosni Mubarak to get out, a strategy that I said at the time would help create a power vacuum that the Muslim Brotherhood was perfectly suited to fill.

We needed to do everything we could to keep Mubarak in power until the September elections, so that evil forces didn’t take advantage of the chaos. We may not have succeeded. But Obama’s policy, which essentially amounted to taking the temperature in Tahrir Square, was wrong, and we are now seeing the consequences.

The Islamization of Egypt would be the most ominous development on the international stage in a long time. If Egypt goes Ayatollah, Obama will go down with Jimmy Carter – who failed to save the Shah of Iran – as having stood watch while Islamists ousted our longtime allies and created a major new enemy for the United States.

8 Responses to Muslim Brotherhood Moves to Seize Power in Egypt

  1. Shocking! And here we all expected the Egyptians to assemble their most serious thinkers who would produce a constitution similar to the one the diverse people of the USA live by.
    The people of the MiddleEast are not like us or the USA in any way. Expecting them to allow freedom of religion, speech or life’s purpose is not to acknowledge their single ethnicity and religion.

  2. We knew this was coming ….

    The CIA prepared the Obama White House for this based upon Robert Baer’s assessment on MSNBC and CNN: the one group that is most dedicated and squared away is the MB. If allowed to grow unchecked, they would take over, and the reports coming out now show that. And, thanks to the stupidity, idocy and anti-Semitism exibited by President AWOL and his cabinet, … Israel may have to go to war in the next ten years, to defeat yet another Arab regime.

    “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”