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Chicago Law Professor Attacks Libya

It’s the latest piece I’ve written for POLITICO.  You can read it here.

This quote gives you the idea:

President Barack Obama, the former Chicago Law School professor who now commands the U.S. armed forces, has slapped together an operation so inept that it can only have been conceived in a classroom.

Hope you enjoy it.

14 Responses to Chicago Law Professor Attacks Libya

  1. Excellent piece
    The POTUS is throwing bombs at a dartboard while enjoying a cold beer and salty nuts. Congress? If it were Reagan or Bush, the shrieks and howls of outrage emitting from the Green Rooms of NYC and Rotunda of DC would crash power-grids up and down the coast.
    Your headline is so Choice, btw.
    Funny, funny

  2. “But Buckley’s other point — to caution against the rule of philosopher-kings – has clear application to the Libya operation, which, sadly, may be on its way to becoming the Libya fiasco.”

    Something about that paragraph struck a chord with me. If memory serves, Napoleon was the very man that the French philosophs (the 18th century version of today’s academic elite) had desired: the enlightened-despot (essentially a philosopher-king). Napoleon was a man who reformed laws, built schools and hospitals, and did everything (ostensibly) for the good of the common people. What they wound up with was a man who was more despot than enlightened. Although he was praised and admired by those inside France, he was in truth the man whose actions nearly destroyed the French nation.

    Now, obviously Pres. Obama is not quite like Napoleon, but many of his actions, such as his belief that he need not work with the Congress (much the same way Napoleon never really bothered with the French Senate) to do anything are very similar. He is acting in much the same way that the philosopher-king/enlightened-despot was supposed to act. In the end, the rule of such a man is often a disaster for the people he is supposed to lead.

    • Absolutely
      Whereas the arch-type Warrior-King has less of “the vision-thing” and more moral courage and singleness of mind borne out in a spirit of shared suffering with his people. King Harry and President Lincoln quickly come to mind.

    • William, very interesting points. Funny you should mention Napoleon – my editor at POLITICO – who is really first rate, I don’t want to imply anything else – was a little concerned about using the word “fisaco” to describe what the Libya operation might be getting toward, and I replied “wars can become fiascos. Ask Napoleon.”

      I think people who believe they are smarter than everyone and have the world figured out gravitate naturally toward heavy handed rule because, well, they have the world figured out. IfI’d thought of I would have mentioned in the piece that Obama’s failure to consult with Congress was an example of this kind of hubris.

      • Keith,

        Your editor’s hesitation is understandable. Many commentators declared Iraq to be a “fiasco” and a “quagmire” from day one. Although Pres. Bush nearly let it collapse into that, he was able to, by buckling down and listening to GEN Petraeus, save the operation and now we’re looking at a stable, free, and democratic Iraq (relative to the rest of the Middle East). Even though those commentators will never eat that crow, editors will be nervous about it for quite some time.

        You may not have directly pointed out the president’s hubris in not consulting with the legislative branch, but your article makes it obvious. It’s good work.

  3. BTW, do you have surveillance video footage of that Chicago Law Professor suddenly snapping and attacking Libya? You know, something for Drudge? Was it in a Burger King?

  4. Terrific piece Keith; you nail it.

    I would also like to add a couple of other concepts that I hope to write more about on my site They’ve been gnawing at me for a while now. While Obama is indeed an academic who’s whole life is lived more in the ethereal realm rather than dirt-under-the-fingernails world, I would add that he is the perfect philospher-king/ buddy-in-chief for our increasingly androgenous and euphemistic times.

    Isn’t the obfuscation of the sharp, clear word ‘war’ just another in a long line of word changes from the liberal elite that have been foisted on culture that bring us to supposedly more inclusiveness? Think how the simple words ‘mother,’ ‘father,’ ‘husband,’ and ‘wife’ have been given up to ‘partner,’ a catch-all for word that clouds clarity with confusion. ‘Leader’ is no longer what it used to be either, so how could we expect old-fashioned leadership from a man who doesn’t really know how to take a stand, let the chips fall where they may and let history decide if he’s right or wrong.

    Then there’s the de-gendering of concepts, including wa .which is now temporary kinetic whatever? Quantative easing is another euphemism for printing money with abandon and zero accountability….

    How can we expect to make progress with a citizenry increasing defrocked of clarity, focus, and sharply defined objectives against an enemy with a non-nonesense nomenclature and only one goal—to stay in power no matter what the cost?

    For all the above reasons, this can’t turn out well. And it will drag out much longer than Professor Obama et al ever dreamed possible.

  5. Excellent Keith! I’m glad Politico still allows you to post your articles. It’s wonderful how you turned what’s important to the left (“professors”) and produced a humorous an indictment on Obama’s War. The comments are even funnier…people are nitpicking whether or not Obama was an actual professor instead of seeing the irony of your piece and the tragedy of Libya.

      • Since we are touching on academia–I am back to the “kinetic” deal. Relating to movement–running, dancing. Well, war is pretty active–people drive and fly vehicles, run…not sure on the dancing. Politicians do most of that. Kinetic, huh? Were these people bitten by a vicious box of Scrabble tiles? Did they mean, fast-changing, dynamic, all happening-like…