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A Book I’d Like to Recommend to You

I thought I’d recommend a book to you by an author I’ve met and been impressed with. She is Ying Ma, a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace. She writes about China, Asia, U.S. foreign policy, and racial politics in America. The book is Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, and it’s an account of the struggle of a ten-year-old Chinese immigrant to inner city Oakland.

This is unique: a trip to an inner city most of us never see, through the eyes of a girl escaping totalitarianism.

Here is the blurb for the book followed by a review.

As China opens itself to the world and undertakes historic economic reforms, a little girl in the southern city of Guangzhou immerses herself in a world of fantasy and foreign influences while grappling with the mundane vagaries of Communist rule. She happily immigrates to Oakland, California, expecting her new life to be far better in all ways than life in China. Instead, she discovers crumbling schools, unsafe streets, and racist people. In the land of the free, she comes of age amid the dysfunction of a city’s brokenness and the shadows of urban decay. She ultimately prevails, but not before she learns to hate. This is the incredible story of her journey from China to an American ghetto.

“A beautiful account of a young girl’s encounter with the insidiousness of authoritarianism in China and the tragedies of inner-city America. Ying Ma boldly details some of the worst imperfections of American society, all the while showing, with her own example, why freedom is worth choosing.” — Xiao Qiang, Adjunct Professor, University of California at Berkeley, and Founder and Editor-in-Chief, China Digital Times

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  1. Her family must not have vetted Oakland before they immigrated. Geez, that’s like moving to EastStLouis or Compton,NJ.
    There are nicer places to live and raise a family here in the US.
    It’s too bad that she had a bad experience in CA.

  2. Very interesting…

    China has its own internal problems (homelessness in the big cities – especially burgeoning centers of influence and trade like Guangzhou), a fractured minority population, an ever-growing Islamic influence on its northwest border, and a young, ultra hip, growning super middle class that will double in energy consumption in the next five years.

    Mirror this with Dr. Ma’s portrait of stark, American innercity decay (courtesy of liberalism), and the anti-white,anti-asian, anti-Jewish racism prevalent among African-Americans in Oakland and other million-plus inner city hell holes. I can’t even imagine the vicious racism she and others experienced from innercity racist blacks.

    When I served in the Army, the racism whites, asians and hispanics endured was at the hands of African Americans who not only despised us (asian, white, hispanic) but went out of their way to race-bait enlisted soldiers; I left the U.S. military because of the entrenched racism from black enlisted soldiers, NCOs and Officers – all of whom were schooled that they could “act out” perceived past transgressions against whites, asians and hispanics – as one black officer told me – “because this will be the only opportunity they have to strike back.” After three years of that, I ETS’ed and never looked back.

    Race hate from blacks in this country has been overlooked for far too long and has been accepted by liberal whites as proper payback for the atrocities committed by the Klan during the civil rights movement. Yet the atrocities committed during the LA Riots is never discussed. Go on youtube and watch the videos of Korean storeowners protecting their property … and of black gangs butchering civilians in the streets….

    It is interesting to contrast the current, ongoing racism in the gay community where rich, white, liberal, elite gays keep blacks (called “chocolates”) out of the ’boutique bars’ as well as hispanics (“burrito’s”) and asians (“eggrolls”) by maintaining strict dress codes and expensive cover prices. The liberals, esp the gay liberals, the longsuffering supporters of civil rights, are now the principle players in the ongoing race war against black homosexuals, who have the highest rate of HIV/AIDS and STD’s in the gay community.

    Keith, thanks for highlighting this book ….

      • I joined in 1985 and left in ’88 having had ENOUGH of the Army and its “new, racial policy”. You will never hear about black-on-other-race racism since its politically incorrect, but I do remember one thing as I sat in the airport at Charleston: surrounding me were a half dozen, experienced, combat veteran NCOs, all airborne (paratroopers) and one Special Forces E-7. I was the only E-4 among the group. All of these hero’s had had ‘enough’ and were going on to jobs in the private sector. As the beer flowed freely, I heard the MOST OUTRAGEOUS stories from these men; I won’t recount them here, but over the years it has hardened my soul against bigotry. It was not just racism against whites that were driving these men out but race-based promotion, race-based awards and a sick myriad of other liberal bullshit that had been foistered upon the military.

        “But wasnt this during the Reagan Administration?” Yep.

        But the damage was done during Carter’s tenure when THOUSANDS of Vietnam combat vets were RIFted (Reduction In Force) out of the military, and race-based promotion began. The jails were emptied into the Army, filled with the most vile trash from Detroit, New York, LA and Chicago: gang members, drug addicts, etc.

  3. America at its worst. Sigh.

    Speaking of someone who sometimes did speak for the underclass–Bob Herbert–he is leaving the NYT. Yes, he was a liberal, all about this president, etc–but toward the end there he was increasingly ticked off about unemployment, etc.

  4. I was on a ‘Tin Can’ in the early 60’s in the western Pacific, and spent time in several cities in Japan. I would take a few days leave in each with a guide aka ‘Bar Girl’. Oakland probably looked good to her. Look forward to reading her book. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. The difference between China and Oakland is that the people in Oakland have nothing stopping them from taking charge of their lives, cleaning up their neighborhood, getting educated, get over the blame game and do something positive with their lives.