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No White Shirt, No Blue Shirt, No TV Briefing

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney looked to his wardrobe today to explain to reporters who objected to his off camera briefing why he decided not to get under the klieg lights.

I have to say it’s because my shirt — I didn’t have any white or blue shirts — and this one wouldn’t work on TV, so I decided to gaggle.  All my other shirts are in the laundry.

OK, it’s tongue in cheek. But one day back from a much-criticized trip to Latin America, the White House goes into an off-camera crouch.

Carney knew he was in for a lot of tough questions today on Libya – particularly about why the president failed to fully consult Congress before launching a military attack. These questions certainly would have been tougher to parry under the klieg lights, where the TV reporters who inhabit the front row would have ratcheted up their aggressiveness for the cameras.

Carney gave no hint that Obama will deliver a formal address to the country on this newest war, though Obama does plan to continue talking about it, he said. Ronald Reagan spoke to the American people from the Oval Office when he ordered a Libya bombing in 1986, as did other presidents after ordering the military into action.

Carney promised to brief on camera tomorrow.

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  1. He could have worn one of those white doctor smocks they had leftover from their fake doctor Obamacare endorsement press briefing back in 2009. I’m sure the White House has those props still laying around somewhere…

  2. Carney’s another lame hire like his boss. This administration is like watching Sesame St reruns. Lame, Limp, Weak, Feable……. just a few of the adjective to describe this bunch residing at 1600 Pennsylvania AV.

  3. This guy has always looked like a slightly nerdy, goofy frat boy to me. Am I supposed to believe the White House Press Secretary has only one clean shirt? I don’t think so.

    • You are so right! -Have we ever witnessed such a bunch of unqualified buffoons running the government? Obama wanted the job now all he does is golf, and take his extended clan on vacations all over the world on our dime. Monica Lewinsky had more time in the Oval Office on her knees than this incompetent boob!

  4. Anyone out there care to answer the questions for an incompetent fool? and then take the heat and likely get fired because the answers demonstrate what a fool the boss is?

  5. I like the little Washington Weasel – our own little Baghdad Bob. He’s a talented speaker, and he can lie in the face of dozens of reporters who know that he’s blatantly lying with a brilliant straight face. Congrats to him and his choice of shirts. I’d vote for him for president.

  6. Just a little problem:

    “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation”
    –Senator Obama

  7. Just another egregious minion of the Obama administration. This bunch gets more hubris and disgusting every day….they are making a mockery out of our government, our Constitution, our freedoms and our liberties. Obama needs to be impeached for dereliction of duty and failure to uphold the oath of office. What a joke….these people are worse that the Three Stooges!!!!

  8. I can’t figure out if Carney looks more like Michael Cera (Scott Pilgram in “Scott Pilgram vs. the World”) or Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zukerberg in “The Social Network”). He comes off as a cross between the two characters.

  9. I bet he doesn’t even talk to obama. Him and Gibbs wing it and all you press people who voted for obama are working overtime to deceive us. It’s not working.

    • Come on–you didn’t like it when he said the pres would be “relatively” talkative on Libya “relatively” soon? It’s all relative.

  10. Obama’s press secretaries make Scott McClellan appear like a MENSA member. No administration can be as incompetent as this one appears; therefore, I have to believe they intentionally put forth these neophytes so as to take the attention off what is really going on within this administration.

  11. This White House would be a comedy show if it weren’t so serious! It’s like a rerun of the 3 Stooges! I read this quote on another site: “Carney said that if the president had waited for Congress to return from its recess before moving on Libya, “Gadhafi’s forces would control Benghazi and there would have been a great deal of people killed in the process.” Sounds like the excuse of a first grader! So now the vacation schedule of the Congress and the President dictate whether we take kinetic action or not? Obama could have had the discussions before the spring break instead of golfing, partying and picking his brackets on ESPN. He could have postponed the spring break for Congress and his family vacation to conduct business. So the fact that he consulted the UN and the Arab League and then made the decision on his own because “Congress was on vacation” was childish, unbelievabale and ludicrous. This guy is sinking to new lows! The MSM can’t even protect him from this inept mistake.

  12. Amateur hour! No wonder the vast majority of Americans say we, as a country, are headed in the wrong direction. There is a serious lack of leadership, but plenty of double-talk, incompetence and outright hypocrisy.

  13. You can all sit down and shut up now, we have everything under control, My experience as a community organizer will get us through this little bump in the road. Your fearless leader, BARRY!

  14. Obama Is a fake and probably the most successful foreign agent ever. The simple fact that America was stupid enough to elect this imposter in spite of the evidence against his legitimacy speaks volumes to what many citizens of this republic are truly worth. Nothing!

  15. Day after day, more of this insanity oozes out of this administration. With each incredulous comment, action, or deed, my amazement at how half this country elected this man grows deeper. At some point, folks, you have to admit that he is in so far over his head that there is no getting out. Pray we do not slip any further.

  16. Just like his Kenyan-born socialist boss. This press secretary is a joke. He appears to be ill-prepared, bumbling, unaware, and he makes things up on the cuff. When is the press corps going to hold this guy to the fire. You can tell all he does is just make things up.

  17. The sad thing is that we will have 5 more years of these clowns. They’ve got the union vote, the minority vote, the government worker vote, Obama still has a 48% approval rating. He should be able to pick up the needed voters by 2012, master of deceit that he is. Republicans have zip.

  18. This White house manipulates the press as if they owned them-oh thats right they do! Whatever happened to reporters screaming at the president and not allowing him to hide away? Whatever happened to objective/investigative journalism with hard questions? Oh that right he is a Democrat and the Media/Government/Academia Complex do not do those type of things to members of their annointed inteligensia!!

  19. Once, just one freaking time, when MrCarney shows up 45min late for the Presser, the whole Press corps leaves their seats and don’t return until MrCarney is at the podium.
    Once, just one freaking time, when MrCarney gives the Press a patently false or deceptive answer, they call him out on it and demand the truth.

  20. “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Sen. Barack Obama December 20, 2007.

    BIDEN FLASHBACK: ‘If he gives authorization to war… without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!’

    “I will focus on the economy like a laser beam” Barack Obama multiple times.

    Off to war we go.
    Still in Iraq
    Still in Afghanistan

    Now Libya – no defined mission – no cost estimates in dollars nor lives.

    Into another countries civil war with no clue as to the goal. Is it the nation building that democrats derided? Is it to kill Kadafi, in violation of international laws? Is it regime change that democrats derided? Is it blood for oil that the democrats so loudly claimed a few short years ago? Are rebels friends of the USA? Or will they turn against against us in the future? WHAT IS THE MISSION, WHAT IS THE GOAL?

    • I think Obama can see the coming economic collapse and just wants to see as much of the world with his extended clan as he can on our dime. Obama wanted the job now all he does is golf, and pick his sport picks and party. Monica Lewinsky had more time in the Oval Office on her knees than this incompetent boob!

  21. Man, I long for the days when Tony Snow was the Press Secretary. He’s in Heaven now and must be smiling down on us who so respected his work.
    Jay Carney is another mope who represents BO’s office correctly. The operative word is LAME.

  22. our idiot in chief once had to borrow what’s his face’s, the prior press guy’s shirt, so he couldn’t return the favor??? oh yeah, all his shirts were in the wash from his vacation.

  23. Just put the teleprompter on the stage with a 24/7 web cam. It could spew out the latest sound bites, so Obama can spent his time Golfing and Vacationing.

  24. Obama gets locked out. Openly Gay Military Guards. Carney is shirtless. What the hell is going on in the White House while Obama’s been away. PARTY!!!