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White House Loses Its Civility Again

Oh no. Looks like the White House’s civility is broken again.

Look at what President Obama told Spanish-language Univision TV Tuesday in El Salvador:

Perhaps some of my Republican friends are gonna start recognizing, if they looked at the last census, that they are gonna have a very hard time winning any elections if they continue to deliberately target anti-immigration sentiment.

Obama is inserting race politics into the immigration debate. What he’s saying is that Republicans are intentionally ignoring the concerns of Hispanics and instead trying to stir up “anti-immigration sentiment,” by which he presumably means ignorant whites who don’t like immigrants.

Sorry, but most people who want to limit immigration are not anti-immigration. They are anti-unlimited-immigration and anti-amnesty-for-lawbreakers. Their desire to limit immigration is not based on a hostility to Latinos. But this is certainly what a phrase like “anti-immigration sentiment” implies.

He is saying Republicans are appealing to base motives, while he takes the high road. So uncivil.

Meanwhile, with the campaign season already on the  horizon, Vice President Biden is moving back into loose cannon mode, last Friday comparing Republican policy to blaming rape victims.

And last night Biden compared Republicans to the anti-Catholic Know Nothing Party.

These guys remind me of the Know-Nothing Party of the 19th century. Then it was about religion, now it’s about the economy.

Not even sure I understand the logic, but I do see the hostility, and the INCIVILITY.

Expect much more of this vitriol from the White House Civility Police as the campaign heats up. Because that’s exactly how they behaved during 2010 campaign.

9 Responses to White House Loses Its Civility Again

  1. Injecting US partisan politics while out of the country is despicable. And I use that word advisedly.
    Not only divisive, but just plain wrong.

    Where is that old phrase about how “we are all Americans when we leave our shores…”? That should especially hold true for US Presidents, but we’ve come to expect a whole lot less from this President.

  2. MexicanAmericans are White people, as are Mexican nationals. They are not a separate race. They are mostly conservative, religious, family oriented, and hardworking.
    The Prez is hoping to fester a class war to polarize our country for his personal goals. The attacks in 2010 by all of the Dems were un-American and just deplorable.
    VPBiden has been given a pass by the MSM to say whatever he wants, no matter how viscious or stupid. “Good Ol’ Joe” is a profane embarrassment to our country and allowing him to spew his hatred is another strike against the Press who continue to carry water for this administration.