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Obama Morning News || March 24, 2011

President Obama returns to Washington fully enmeshed in the Libya thicket, receiving a blistering letter from House Speaker John Boehner on the president’s lack of consultation. Republicans have called Secretary of State Clinton to testify about Libya.

The Washington Post chronicles Obama’s failure to live up to his campaign promise to stop the killing in Darfur. POLITICO chronicles the unanswered questions on Libya.

Sarah Palin, who’s been travelling in Israel, blasted Obama for leaning to heavily toward the Palestinians. Donald Rumsfeld takes his shot at Obama’s handling of Libya.

And Obama plans a $1 billion campaign.

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  1. During the President’s briefing this morning he was overheard saying “Tripoli? Isn’t that the place in the song? You know, something like dadada…to the shores of Tripoli”

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