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Obama Loses Jimmy Fallon

Now it’s getting bad.

I have better people advising me than the president does. I feel like I want to hear from him.

Right Jimmy, sure, like you’d blow off a trip to Brazil just because you were starting a war. It’s Brazil, OK?

7 thoughts on “Obama Loses Jimmy Fallon”

  1. From MrO’s point of view of this junket vacation, it won’t be remembered as a fun trip. There were no cheering crowds waving American flags, the kids looked sullen and bored, the wife kept everyone waiting while she changed her outfits a dozen times, the mother-in-law had a permanent scowl, and worst of all, being bashed by late-night talk-show hosts.

  2. Bandeirante XXI Century

    Really boring to read so much bias against one of the countries that nurtures the loudest friendship and respect for the US. Obama may be a problem for the Americans ( and for the Brazilians as a consequence), but no matter who the president would be, we in Brazil actually love the US. We don´t look at it as “oh, holly grail!” or ” How superior they are to us!”, we have no complex or petty hate against the US. We see it as it is, a big, great, place where most Brazilian have friends and acquaintances. It is easy for a Brazilian to identify with the US. It nearly like second home. And in the last 10 years, with many American emigrating to Brazil, it may be clear that we look Americans in the eye, with no scoff or inferiority. We simply like you guys. When G. W Bush came, there were a lot more protests than with OBama, but he was also well received and carefully listened. He was POTUS, anyway, like Obama is.
    Most of what conservatives in the US have written about Brazil is wrong, like the $2bi for drilling, it actually was never asked by Brazil. George Soros has money in Petrobras, but he is ot even a big, shareholder, actually who owns Petrobras is the Brazilian govt ( 49 stake) , and the Brazilian pension funds ( 30%). I have part of my retirement invested there.

    China is willing to put $10 bi in drilling oil in Brazil. Do tyou think the aim is to create jobs in Brazil and not in China???

    The Brazilian prez will go to China in a few weeks, we all know that she and BH Obama wre rehersing what she should say in China. Don´t forget : Brazil is the only Bric that is Western, and the only one that is willing to play the Canada of the moment( i.e. the US bites and we pretend to disagree).

    Don´t invest in making one of your staunchest long term allies in Latin America ( we fought under the US flag in WW2 for example) a part of those who root for American debacle, and Schadenfreude.

    God bless America, and Brazil too!

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