As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Biden Threatens to Impeach Obama

Wait. No that must be Bush he was talking about. I don’t know, you take a look.

H/T to Doug Powers at, and Andrew Malcolm at Top of the Ticket, who found this gem first.

14 Responses to Biden Threatens to Impeach Obama

  1. VPBiden is either incredibly stupid or suffering from dementia to think that we would do anything that would make him the POTUS.
    He had to be talking about MrWBush and the war/conflict/target practice he started in Iraq without Congress’ consent. Americans supported that action because we were so mad at somebody/anybody for causing 911 that it didn’t matter who we destroyed.

  2. So Jake Tapper is a suckup for warmly greeting Carney. Beats being a suckup for the likes of Malcolm, Malkin, Reynolds and Drudge to steer traffic to your blog.

    • Very different situation Dbb.

      Jay Carney is the White House Press Secretary, paid with our tax dollars, and Jake Tapper is a corrupt Leftist media suck-up. Keith is a journalist/businessman, and if he wants to steer traffc to Malkin et al, so what? Malkin isn’t a subject of his news coverage – the White House is – just like the White House should be covered fairly & objectively by Jake Tapper. The faux journalists of the WH Press Corps all vie for attention & favors from the Obama admin – like getting invited to Biden’s Beach Party last year etc. They’re disgustingly obvious in their suck-up-iness.

      Tapper & Chuck Todd & Major Garrett (so glad he’s not at Fox anymore) all suck up to so they can get invited to exclusive little soirees like Axelrod’s going-away party, which also featured The One … the one who JournoListas adore:

  3. Fucking hypocrites.

    I honestly can’t think of anything else to say. I can use the ‘f’ word all day long but it doesn’t even come close to describing just WHO these people are ( and probably dishonors the true etimology of the f word ).

    The President is openly bigoted against Jews and Christians with an open sympathy for pan-Arab Islam; the Vice President is a idiot; his cabinet is composed of Communists, sympathetic Marxists and virulent anti-Semites. Glenn Beck exposed used every scintilla of evidence available to shed light on these left-wing Klansmen.

    Joe Biden’s words will come back to haunt him during the election … IF, the cocktail-swilling, cocaine-sniffing elites of the Republican Party don’t cave in and put up another McStupid for President.