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Uh Oh, Looks Like Libya Mission Creep

This is what President Obama said yesterday about the most disorganized and changeable American military action since Ponce de Leon went looking for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. And he was working for Spain.

My relatives also went looking for the Fountain of Youth in Florida, but this was much later.

Anyhoo, this is what Obama said:

As long as Qadhafi remains in power — unless he changes his approach provides the Libyan people the opportunity to express themselves freely and there are significant reforms by the Libyan government, and he steps down — there’s still going to be a potential threat to the Libyan people . . . We will continue to support the efforts to protect the Libyan people, but we will not be in the lead.

As far as we’ve heard, the intent of the mission is to protect the Libyan people from Qaddafi, but emphatically NOT to overthrow him.

Now, let’s work the logic here from this statement. If there is “still going to be a potential threat to the Libyan people” as long as Qaddafi is in power, and the mission is to protect the Libyan people, then the mission now becomes to GET QADDAFI OUT OF POWER.

So far, he’s holding up pretty well under the air assault. Gosh, might need, um, ground troops.


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  1. Strategically Keith, I beleive your correct.

    Had the NFZ been implemented and the Cruise missile strikes begun the moment the Rebels were on the offensive, Q would be out of power by now. The emphasis is always on momentum and having the initiative when “the offensive” takes place.

  2. Obama is trying to have another Kosovo. But that went on for longer than the War Powers Act would allow and Milosevic didn’t leave office.

  3. I don’t understand how the War Powers Act applies in this case and how the President started this without congressional approval? I’ve seen that question in a number of places, but I’ve seen no real answer….

  4. You can’t “prove” acting, whatever that means, earlier would have somehow scared him into exile or slaughtered him, any more than we can “prove” we are saving so many people from “slaughter” O’Reilly (our co-president, did you know?) has torqued this all around to be revenge for Lockerbie. Really? I see people going in the hospitals–is G doing it? Oh, yes, next will be the “instructors,” the special forces, something, if these are not already on the ground. We can’t let another tinpot thumb his nose–good grief, heavens no!

  5. This would be laughable if it weren’t so tragically stupid.
    MrsClinton handed MrO a rope and he placed it around his neck, then MrGates tightened the noose and the Military Brass threw the rope over the I-beam. The only question left is who is going to kick out the chair.

    The Repubs, watching in fascinated horror, say nothing while MrO shows the US and the International community that he is, indeed, an epic failure.

  6. Oh,If only I was in charge…I wouldn’t let these despot’s off so easy.. I would make sure NATO annihilated any and all Libyan leadership and sail right across the Med and knock on Syria’s door and knock that murderous punk Assad out,Then I’d rest in Haifa port/support Israel while it is knocking out Hamas and Hezbollah, as the rest the fleet goes down and wraps up Yemen,followed by a pass by Somalia and sink every pirate craft found and bomb all the harbors.
    I would then immediately park the fleet off Iran’s coast and get out my mega phone and yell “Now what you gonna do?” in Farsi..
    It’s time once and for all this bullsh*t to end.
    But of course I have the thing called BALLS.
    Oh,well (It would boost the economy)
    Peace aint free

  7. Would someone in the “mainstream” media – including Fox (which is getting worse all the time), please ask the following questions:

    1. Why, if the purpose of the Libya excursion/war/jaunt/regime change/Machiavellian strategy-to-create-economic-chaos-in-the-U.S. is only to involve aircraft to enforce the no-fly zone, are we sending 2,200 Camp LeJeune Marines to Libya? WHY?
    2. Why did we send Illinois Nat’l Guard soldiers to help in mid-air refueling for the Libya war planes? Why don’t we have enough on-duty soldiers in the Mediterranean to do this?
    3. This morning I heard a Fox reporter in Japan mention that there were 55,000 American military in & around Japan to help w/ humanitarian efforts. 55,000???!!! Seriously? Do we really need so many in that area (not that I don’t want to help the Japanese)?
    4. Has anyone w/ a brain given any serious thought as to the dangers of having so many of our military spread out to all corners of the world?
    5. Israel has had more rockets fired by Hamas into its country than in the last 2 yrs. And now a bus explosion this morning, w/ at least 2 dead, and many more wounded. Will the U.S. help Israel? Does anyone care? Why is there more & more blatant anti-Jewish sentiment occurring now?
    6. Anyone see the very special New Year greetings w/ Farsi subtitles by our Dear Leader to the Iranian people?
    BTW, I tried to get the video link (from Breitbart TV) but can’t – google has disabled links. I know that sounds crazy but seriously I can’t find it now. Bizarre.
    7. Why did we go to Libya? Saddam Hussein was a 1000x worse (not that I’m defending Qaddafi), and we only went to Iraq after 16 ridiculous U.N. resolutions, months of the Bush Admin. getting Congress on board, and still the hypocritical Dems condemned Bush & Rumsfeld et al. And Saddam gassed (mustard & sarin) his own people (over 10K Kurds) and Iranian soldiers, tortured & exterminated hundreds of thousands (the Marsh Arabs, political opponents, etc.), and invaded Kuwait!!!
    Let me say it very … slowly … on its face, i.e. the reasons given by Obama & Hillary – this war makes NO SENSE. None. Whatsoever. Ask yourselves – why?
    8. Where’s the “mainstream” media coverage of the Der Spiegel photos of our soldiers posing w/ Afghan alleged civilian corpses? Why did the media endlessly cover the Abu Gharaib scandal, yet not a peep is coming from the alphabet networks? If it’s been on Fox I’ve missed it.
    Does this episode necessarily indicate a lack of leadership & corruption by the Obama admin? Because that’s the spin the Leftist media did on the Abu Gharaib story.

    9. In the very week that the PanAm Flight 103 bomber went free, our own State Dept. gave $400,000 to a charity run by Qaddafi son Saif (he’s the one who’s on the news the most) & his sister. Why does no one in the media report this? George Stephanopolous? Katie Couric? Brian Williams? Bill O’Reilly? Hello? Everyone has known for decades that Qaddafi is a murderous, crazy thug. Why was it ok to buy oil from him & give his family $$$ (when they are already insanely rich, rich enough to pay millions to Mariah Carey, and Beyonce & Jay-Z, and Usher, and Nellie Furtado for exclusive performances) in recent years, but suddenly he turns into a huge threat that the U.S. must eliminate? Yes, he started killing his own people. How does that make him different from the leaders in Bahrain and Yemen etc.? BTW, where is Obama when it comes to horrible wars & atrocities in the land of his ancestors – Africa. Last year the NYT claimed that 45,000 die EACH MONTH (unchanged from the time of actual war) in the Dem. Republic of the Congo. Where’s the outrage? I suppose Obama’s not really an African-American – he just plays one on TV.
    10. Seems to me that Obama/Jarrett/Soros/Sunstein/Andy Stern are using multiple world crises to seize an incredible opportunity – a) get our military folks out of the country; b) create greater economic pressure by spending $500 million + on an unnecessary war in Libya; c) orchestrate huge economic chaos by having union thug & community organizers to get their folks to stop paying all mortgages & student loans. Imagine – just imagine – if even 20% of American citizens quit paying their bills. Just stopped making payments. That’s what Beck showed yesterday – former (or current) SEIU top guy (and frequent WH visitor) Stephen Lerner telling people at the Left Forum held this past weekend (also attended by economic chaos proponent Frances Fox Piven) to just stop paying their debts. Why is this story not covered by the media? How is this not relevant? What if George Bush had close ties to people literally orchestrating the economic collapse of the country?

    11. Why did Obama make a speech in Brazil promising to buy Brazilian oil, and also specifically mentioning food supply/safety & Brazil’s ag industry (I watched his address live, w/ puppetmaster Jarrett in the front row, live on Sat.), while imposing Draconian rules & reg’s on our own oil industry, so that only one new deepwater drilling permit was issued in 314 days. Plus Obama’s EPA revoked a previously-issued, perfectly legal permit for a WV coal mine. And our stupid Congress passed the Food Safety bill, which imposes tons of new reg’s on the agriculture industry. Will farmers be able to stay in business? Or will this be a repeat of the ObamaCare & the bank/finance “reform” bill – tens of thousands of new reg’s, boards (including Race & Gender quota boards), and agencies, which has resulted in paralysis of the healthcare & finance industries. Will we be forced to buy food as well as oil from Brazil? Sound crazy? Why? Everything Obama’s done has put more & more pressure on the normal working American. Obama is out-sourcing our basic needs – food & oil. THINK about that – think about his actions – not his script via TOTUS.
    12. Finally (at last), why is the “mainstream” media so unbelievably STUPID? Does no one read history? Have they no intellectual curiosity at all? Why do media elites readily believe that our CIA was evil & corrupt, and engaged in assassinations of leaders in Central & South American countries in the 60’s & 70’s (which they did of course), and think that Bush & Cheney went to war in Iraq for oil (how did that work out – not) and Halliburton, and yet the JournoListas fervently believe that John Brennan, and Obama, and Jarrett – have only our best interests at heart?

    • MSM lead stories:
      ElizabethTaylor dies.
      Big animal dies in a zoo.
      Unions are good, Repubs are bad.
      Kaddafi retreats./Kaddafi advances.
      GlennBeck wants it all.
      It’s snowing in the NorthEast.
      Food in Japan contaminated, ruined.
      MrsO wore a designer gown to dinner.
      PrezSarkozy wants to form a “committee” to run a war/target practice.

    • Where’s the “mainstream” media coverage of the Der Spiegel photos of our soldiers posing w/ Afghan alleged civilian corpses? Why did the media endlessly cover the Abu Gharaib scandal, yet not a peep is coming from the alphabet networks? If it’s been on Fox I’ve missed it.

      Bret Baier’s show-last nite.

      • Thank you Star – usually I watch all of Special Report but missed part of it last night. I did catch the “light bulb” part of the All Stars analysis, and was disgusted. So much going on in the world & Baier wasted valuable time on the light bulb controversy.

        • It was pretty stupid…except right now I need bulbs and those pigtaily ones won’t fit in my bathroom thingie… A while back I blogged on the EPA instructions in my health site… This is making my teeth grow hair, all this.

    • The Der Spiegel photos – If under Bush, Congress would have erupted in hearings and investigations, journalists would be writing endless stories about the “culture” of this or that tolerated or even inspired by Bush and Cheney. And I’m glad about the moral outrage of the Arab league over Libya – celebrated by Obama – while it tolerates and supports a steady stream of rockets into Israel.

    • No one in the media will report anything. Why should they?

      Mr. Obama could have unprotected sex with a transvestite au naturale, in conference delecto, tortollini alfredo, on the floor of Congress during a heated debate on condoms-in-the-schools and it would not even rate a breath of air on the lips of Rachel Maddow.

  8. All of a sudden we have a war in the Mediterranian Sea. Libya is on Europes doorsteps and the crisis there affects Europe most. The potential terrorism, the refugees, the oil. The crisis ought to be a European affair in cooperation with the Arab Union. But European leaders are seldom in concert when it comes to foreign politics and there would probably not be much of a NFZ without American force. So here we are. Khadaffi was quite tame for many years but now he is crazy again. He is so irrational that it isn´t impossible that he could be persuaded to let go and then it just stops. But why did Obama enter this ? His speeches are so confusing , he is constantly doublespeaking . Maybe he thought that a “humanitarian” war would look good in his reelectioncampaign. It is time for Schadenfreude for all of us who remember his words during the Iraq crisis. .

    • I read this morning that a Libyan man said we didn’t fear his couple of airplanes, anyway, and now this is a mess. Didn’t we have a NFZ after the first Gulf war–for a decade? These things can slog on some. I guess no one wants to learn from history, including our Scholar President.

      • Every time we blow something up, some Libyan has to fix it–and it’s not like this a creating…wait for it…jobs…it might be their own house, their cousin’s house, etc. Do we even think about ANYTHING anymore or do we just barge ahead.

        • Plus State Farm isn’t going to chuck over a nice rebuilding check like here. They have to put out money, cadge supplies, get those boards or whatever to their site over strafed roads…etc. All for no reason! They are glad to be alive unlike their neighbor who’s not. OK–I will shut up…but come on, does anyone think about what if this happened in their country? In their neighborhood? Checkpoints, wreckage, ruin…

  9. This is all politics. This NFZ was MrO’s answer to his dithering on military affairs and the push-back against the French. After months of visiting friendly workplaces and squeezing money from Dem supporters this action was to appear that the Prez is involved in world affairs.
    We’re supposed to look at the ‘shiny stuff’ and forget about the war in Afganistan, the 15million unemployed, the homeless/foreclosed, the rising inflation and falling dollar.
    WAR!! (shiny stuff) Prevent foreign massacres (more shiny stuff)
    LOOK! everything is good…The Prez is on vacation, nothing to see here.

    • We used to joke about Bush–head swiveling–SHIIINY…then clap like those monkey toys with cymbals. I see we can still use that one.

  10. I am feeling very sorry for our troops being used all over the world and accomplishing little. Where is the peace making? How do we know these middle east uprisings are not the work of the Jihadists. Apparently the muslim brotherhood seems to be taking over Egyptian leadership with the blessings of Iran and their insanity promoting hate of everyone. Is Armageddon upon us? Muslims are popping up mosques all over America and I understand Michigan even has the prayers going out every hour all over the city of Detroit??? Imagine a Christian trying to display our ten commandments or the crucifix! Easter has been turned into a ridiculous peeps, bunny and egg day, nothing meaningful. Christmas is now elves and trains with gifts and a fat santa smiling . We have had the Mexican invasion for over forty years but at least they hopefully are Christians unless we wake up to find most are drug cartel families set to take over America as they have much of Mexico. Where, oh where is the America I grew up? We were not perfect but we did not invade impulsively, instead we rescued as in WWII when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and went to the aid of England when Hitler and his insanity was like hell being loosed in the universe. Our self serving Congress all sound like self serving blithering idiots. Amen!