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Obama Not in Ruins!

His presidency may or may not be headed there, but he personally won’t, at least not today.

President Obama finally got hip to his the awful PR of his tangoing through Latin America while the country goes to war, deciding to skip a trip to some Mayan ruins in El Salvador and instead get on a teleconference with his national security team.

The White House portrayed this as simply a need to attend to important matters, but I’m sure the optics of a vaca-style jaunt to an ancient tourist trap didn’t go down well with Obama’s besieged message advisers

In a Washington Times piece, former White House reporter Joe Curl has an explanation for Obama’s tone deafness, positing┬áthat the president has succumbed to the dangers of isolation at the top. Curl notes that the situation has been exacerbated by the departure of close advisers, and that Obama reaches out to Rahm almost every day.

Michelle, though, was not to be denied access to what’s left of the Mayans. She’ll head to the ruins with the girls before the Obamas return home today.

5 Responses to Obama Not in Ruins!

  1. Keith,

    Great wrap up on this trip. I am not suprised FLOTUS will stay behind “with the girls” as though “with the girls” gives her carte blanche to eat expensive lobster, hit the super beaches in Spain or shop 5-star resorts. I am glad that Obama is returning to the U.S. early. Regardless of how bad he has been President (he is, certainly the worst advised), he can still recover his Presidency by concentrating on the people he was elected to serve.

  2. I don’t believe in the bubble meme. He uses it himself when on his ever present road trips. It sounds like an excuse.

    The fact is he does what he does because he can’t conceive of himself making any wrong moves or errors. The fault always lies with others.

    He goes on these trips because he can and needs the constant adulation. Just look at his face in front of crowds. It tells you everything you need to know.

  3. My bet is that the United States will be in ruins with this Socialist Progressive Liberal running things. Finish the job we started in 2010, fire this bum.