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Obama Morning News || March 23, 2011

President Obama Tuesday sought to unify his fractious Libya alliance as the campaign continues unabated. Meanwhile, he struggled to contain the backlash at home from a fractious Congress, where Rep, Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) seeks to defund the attack. Intel agencies are concerned the longer an attack goes on against a Muslim country, the more it plays into al Qaeda’s hands.

Glenn Thrush notes in POLITICO that there’s no “Obama Doctrine.” Some are wondering whether Obama the warrior should give back his Nobel Peace Prize, which he’s still earning anyway.

Obama doesn’t have much to show for his Latin America trip, according to Josh Gerstein of POLITICO. The Huffington Post reports on some of the fabulous stuff Michelle has been wearing in Latin American, announcing, “Full sartorial steam ahead!”

And the year-old baby health care reform gets a birthday party!

3 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || March 23, 2011”

  1. Mr. Thrush is not looking closely enough. If he did, he would see that there is a clear, and consistent “Obama Doctrine” in use. That doctrine consists of, “Why am I being bothered with this?”

      1. Good one, William! I am preoccupied by the chandelier earrings, chartreuse halter dress, etc. I did not see pix, which is just as well, I guess. Chartreuse is one of my favorite colors–around here we call it monkey vomit green, vom for short. My room is painted that color! TMI?

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