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France Proposes ad hoc War Panel

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit notes that France is now proposing having some kind of committee run the war instead of NATO in order to dodge charges of Western Imperialist Crusaders seeking to smash Islam. And he asks:

A krazy kwestion for you: Why weren’t the logistics of the handover nailed down before the UN resolution was approved?

And of course the answer is, because THIS IS A CIRCUS, and circuses require some latitude for improvisation.

White House Dossier has in fact obtained this stealthily recorded video of Libya war alliance foreign ministers meeting in Brussels over the weekend. We apologize for the mediocre quality of the video.

7 thoughts on “France Proposes ad hoc War Panel”

  1. With all that is and has been going on domestically and now this Libyan situation and no real command and control of the operation, the phrase, “panem et circenses” seems to be very fitting.

  2. Yes, this entire Libya debacle is, indeed, a CIRCUS.
    There is no plan, no rationale for our involvement, no expressed justification as to United States strategic interest, nothing. A CIRCUS, precisely!

  3. By the way, where is the mainstream media with tough questions and penetrating analysis probing the what and why of this new war?
    Oh, that’s right, they love Obama so much that they neglect any hint of criticism — yet if this happened four years ago, there would have been hell to pay.
    Meanwhile chief CBS apologist Katie Couric is to appear on Letterman this evening to chat, joke and laugh, as if nothing is happening in Libya or anywhere else on this planet.

  4. After watching the video …. it says F R A N C E and “The French” like nothing else. The only good thing about France today is the Legion; the rest of the nation is a waste. The long lines of the Old Guard marching up St. Jean toward the British squares opposite the ridgeline (1815) was the highwater mark of the greatest and bravery of the French; I would even give in and say the French bravery at Dien Bien Phu (1954) even as its own government was sending millions to their death in Paris.

    So … when the going go tough on Libya, Sarkozy turned his back and threw his hands up in the air. Although I like Marine le Pen’s conservativism, she and her father are anti-Semite’s and holocaust deniers. Nothing has changed in that country since Dreyfuss.

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