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Today’s Obama Poll || Country Divided on Health Law

The nation is about evenly divided on whether or not it likes President Obama’s health reform law, with 46 percent saying it’s a good thing Congress passed it while 44 percent say it isn’t, according to a new Gallup poll.

That’s very bad news for the president. Worse, support is down from when the bill became law a year ago. Then, 49 percent said it was good it passed and 40 percent gave passage a thumbs down.

Sentiment falls predictably along Party lines, with Republicans despising the law and Democrats loving it.

Obama as a doctorObama’s aides keep promising some kind of PR blitz to sell the law, but nothing much has materialized. Instead, bureaucrats are steadily writing regulations while the popularity of the thing steadily declines.

This is surprising in part because the bill was front loaded with a few goodies to stir some enthusiasm before cuts and problems developed.

Slackers up to the age of 26 can now linger on their parents health plans, while seniors were given a gift of $250 to help pay for their Medicare prescription drugs should they fall into the “donut hole” that ends coverage after a certain amount of purchases and then picks it up again if spending continues.

The Big Problem for Obama is that it is his signature piece of legislation. If he doesn’t run on it, Republicans will make him.

And the poll may actually understate the extent to which this law makes people mad.

While people barely approve of Congress having passed the bill, they are not buying Obama’s argument that it will improve the delivery of health care. Only 25 percent agree that the law will make their personal medical care better, while 39 percent say it will make it worse and 31 percent believe their care will stay about the same.

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  1. That picture gives me the creeps! Yes, this little beauty is full of pitfalls and traps, not the least of which is that making people buy insurance is like telling a homeless person to just buy a house, why don’t they.

  2. The sneaky Dems cut MY Medicare that I paid into for 45years to provide health care for bums and slackers, and then had the nerve to tell me that I’m going to have to sacrifice for the good of “all”.
    Just like MrsO’s FatKidsBehinds law is not about obese children, this Obamacare is not about health care, but all about redistributing wealth, not from the wealthy, but from the working middle class and retired seniors. It is a taxing program with hidden taxes that have nothing to do with health care, but everything to do with scraping as much money from the taxpayers as possible.

    1. There is even something in there taxing sale of a home…hidden rider or something. And yes–Medicare is being gutted….I already have to be my own death panel….

    2. I thoroughly disagree. Obamacare is not about the redistribution of wealth. It is about increasing government control over the individual.

      1. You’re right, too. Some Federal dufus will have control of our life, our health and when we die. If we don’t have private funds for a life-saving med or procedure or operation, then our life will be evaluated to the cost to keeping us alive. If we’re “too old”, or the funds spent won’t restore us to immediate health, then too bad, we die. Our children with immensely costly illnesses will have to die, too.

        This Obamacare is monstrous in it’s application and will bankrupt many States. All the people wanted in healthcare reform was to allow us to buy insurance across state lines, to prohibit the insurance companies from denying medical treatments and to allow us greater freedom in our selection of physicans.

  3. While $250 is always nice, as a disabled person let me inform everyone that it is not a big help on the cost of medications.

    If someone is going to try to buy my goodwill, I wish they would at least not insult me by showing me that they think I’m a $250 whore.

      1. Right there–people who don’t know how people really live. That is the key! That is why I type my broke fingers off day after day…to try to bring to mind how people really live. In my small way. While we are on the subj, I will say again that I don’t think these bubble boys and girls have ever laid eyes on an EOB. They think everyone has a spare $800 a mo or so for insurance, no problem. I mean, COME ON, who doesn’t?

  4. I feel your pain srdem. We are not on Medicare yet, but BCBS hiked our monthly premium payment (a lot), raised our co-pay, and charges more for mail order prescriptions. All because of Obamacare. We all have to pay for those little goodies, even if we don’t have freeloaders under the age of 26. You are absolutely right, this nightmare has nothing to do with health care.

    The Democrats may have started this mess, but the cocktail-swilling establishment Republicans in congress aren’t helping to stop it. The Republicans quietly passed a bill to expand Obamacare on 8 Mar.

        1. That and the golf couse–I lived in DC 35 yrs and worked on the Hill for 16. Both parties partake of the beverages, though, and drop by the fundraisers.

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