As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 23, 2011

11:00 am || Attends embassy meet and greet at residence of U.S. ambassador to El Salvador
12:05 pm || Departs El Salvador
5:10 pm || Arrives White House

All Times Eastern

7 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, March 23, 2011

  1. 5:15 pm II Arrive in West Wing. Chase small rodent down hallway.
    5:30 pm II Argue with Ronald Reagan oil painting in main hallway. Secret Service called – discover POTUS is blaming oil painting for current problems in Middle East. Secret Service commo: All Clear.
    6:00 pm II Sneak off to White House Kitchen (FLOTUS in garden) to eat leftover Nathan’s hotdog (with all the trimmings), Coca-Cola, and chocolate cake. Thank WH Chef for keeping mum.
    7:30 pm II Anger Summit with Chris Brown and Long Island Lolita.
    9:30 pm II Sneak off to White House Kitchen (FLOTUS driven off premises by order of POTUS) to eat more chocolate cake and Ho-Ho’s.
    10:30 pm II Call President Clinton. (Meet at McDonald’s on K Street tomorrow to discuss Hillary; Bill to buy).

    • I thought you just had a wicked sense of humor, but considering the events (or lack of) in the past week, I think you’re on the mark describing MrO’s activities.

    • LOLZ, Tom…but you forgot…

      4:45 pm Me!chelle deplanes at Andrews AFB wearing a fantabulous palazzo pants outfit; with fine Brazilian leather multi-belts; accented by several hundred Chilean bangle bracelets. (Arianna Huffington hyperventilates).

      5:10 pm Me!chelle de-copters on the WH lawn wearing an awesome strappy sundress, accessorized by a ‘natural inspired’ Jaun Valdez ‘coffee bean necklace and bracelets set gifted to her by some ‘south American leader.’ Daily Kos updates their fashionista page.

      6:00 pm Me!chelle goes to WH garden, wearing $1200 leather boots; $900 jeans; to check on the growth of $40.00 worth of tomatoes.

      7:15 pm Me!chelle meets with Koopy…plans includes discussing ‘what to wear to an impeachment.’

      • Mary, I laughed my A————– off! That was funny, especially the “bangle bracelet” …. and the emphasis: Me!che!!e since she must be the center of attention…. thanks for the laugh….

  2. The Tourist-in-Chief gives a whole new meaning to “incompetence.” Hey,these decisions are NOT above your pay grade; they’re just above your abilities!