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Obama Morning News || Monday, March 21, 2011

President Obama is getting questions from the left on why he didn’t consult Congress on Libya, from the right on why he didn’t act sooner, and is finding it more difficult to focus on his agenda, according to the New York Times. Liberal Democrats are incensed, with one even raising the prospect of impeachment. Republican presidential hopefuls have been either scathing or silent. And many are wondering, is our objective in Libya to protect civilians or get Qaddafi to leave?

Meanwhile, Obama is in Brazil, hailing that country’s commitment to democracy and playing soccer with kids.┬áMrs. Obama tried to connect with Brazilian teenagers.

4 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || Monday, March 21, 2011”

  1. Odd a Dem raised the impeachment spectre. The anti-freedom, anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-military, pro-Marxist left-wing Democrats are upset that Obama has gone to war without their imprimatur. Interesting how silent the anti-war whores are ….

    1. I must be a whore then. Because I heard dopey old Kerry go on about civilians being pulled out of their hosp beds and killed by G’s guys–let’s see the video–and how are airstrikes preventing that? Those are more like to HIT the hosp beds and everyone in them!

  2. Once again, it seems that MrO is taking direction from both of the Clintons. More and more, MrO is acting like flotsom floating on a wave being agitated by more politically savvy from all sections of the left. Acting like the nominal head of the US, he allows MrsPelosi and MrReid to guide legislation, VPBiden to negotiate a budget and MrsClinton to guide foreign affairs. All of this makes the left anxious, the right indignant, and the voters uneasy.
    What Repub candidate for Prez won’t use MrO’s junket vacation to prove that this Prez doesn’t understand how important starting a 3rd war in the MiddleEast is to the American people?

    MrsO is embarrassing us daily on this spring-break vacation with her inappropriate attire, lack of social graces, and giving speeches that sound like she’s a high-school dropout rather than a Harvard graduate.

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