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Hey, We’re Like, Bombing Libya Y’all

What we saw from the president the last time we bombed Libya:

And this time:

10 thoughts on “Hey, We’re Like, Bombing Libya Y’all”

  1. Keith,

    Great comparison. Reagan was all business and Obama is all play. One a master politician, the other a child. One a WWII veteran, the other a product of the decadent 1970’s, a veteran of pot, cocaine, and Marxist indoctrination. One a patriot, the other a coward. One celebrates love of country – the other, love of self.

  2. The MSM to the rescue; AP managed to spin this photo and story to MrO’s ability to multi-task. The Press has become a pathetic ghost of a once proud , independent and important part of our political process.

    1. One of my persistently liberal friends (we don’t get on these subjs over the yrs) brought this up–not so much about fooling around in the favelas, but the bombing. She said, what the heck is going on? Supposedly speaking for 50% of the Am people, they ordered G to leave, he didn’t, they bombed his house (well, he may not be THERE exactly) and even that Mullens guy did not look happy Sun.

        1. I read that as well. AQ was recruiting among some of the Palestinian/Bedouin tribes; although that was stated in the NYT a while back (last year), there is no firm evidence of it. But we need CIA ON THE GROUND to give us some HUINT to see if this is the case.

  3. There’s no doubt Regan was a good president. Forgive me for asking but I was 5 when we bombed Libya in 1986 and I’m clearly not up on my history. However, what happened in ’86 that resulted kept Gaddafi in power? Whatever was done 25 years ago didn’t work but how has he managed to stay in power all 25 years? He’s been a known enemy for so long yet he’s been allowed to continue to run Libya? How is what was done in ’86 any different than what we are doing now? I understand history repeats itself but in this case does it really need to be repeated? At least Regan respected the American people enough to address the public with why America was involved. How is it our President leaves it up to his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State to address the press, not necessarily the nation, while our President goes to Brazil for what appears to be a PR stunt and then takes his whole family to Chile for what seems to be yet another family vacation. I just don’t understand how he has as much support as he does. In the words of twitterverse…#epicfail.

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  5. The president, whose zero executive experience was repeatedly brought up during the campaign, has now risen to his level of incompetence.

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