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Is the Grand Coalition Against Libya Fraying?

See, this is what happens when we don’t take the lead in a military operation. The Europeans start arguing about the timing of Espresso breaks, and so forth.

As reported by Dan Miller in PJ Tatler, France and Germany walked out of a NATO conference today and Turkey is miffed it didn’t get invited to something. Stephen Green writes in Tatler that Italy is threatening to bolt altogether.

The American president is busy right now with something else but maybe when he gets done he can assert leadership in this war.

10 thoughts on “Is the Grand Coalition Against Libya Fraying?”

  1. China, Russia, the Arab League, and the Lib-Dem collectivists are against it as well as many prominent cocktail swilling elite Republicans. When Obama withdraws from Libya, his Presidency will have officially run off the road, into a ditch and hit a tree (after all, there was no one driving in the first place).

    1. Nice analogy payback for the Repubs in the ‘ditch’.
      Who’d thunk that we’d agree with MrMoore on anything; yes, MrO should give back the NobelPeacePrize.

  2. That’s what happens when the most powerful member of the coalition is only making a half-hearted (maybe quarter-hearted?) effort. I still believe this is all for show and that Pres. Obama was caught off guard when the UN approved the resolution against Libya.

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