As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

French Planes are Over Libya

Looks like this thing could start soon. Reuters reports.

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8 Responses to French Planes are Over Libya

  1. MrSarkozy, the new world leader, has assured us that French fighter planes are in the air and will protect the Libyan people from tyranny.
    MrO, the former world leader, has deplaned in Brazil with his whole family and is currently looking for jobs. For Americans, that is.

  2. Today’s Quote:
    “As of now, I am in control here”
    -Hillary Clinton

    Note from my attorneys: This is not a real
    quote. :-)

  3. Hildabeast has no choice, of course she’s in charge. Ovomit is in Rio with his family having a nice vacation. Laughing it up, enjoying the sights. All the while Japan is melting down, and we are entering a military mission against Lybia. We don’t have a President at this time in history. He has deliberately disengaged from his duties as Commander In Chief. Frankly, it’s astounding to say the least.

  4. The mirage fighter is 2nd or 3rd generation fighter-bomber-interceptor and an excellent plane. But fighter planes cannot stop an offensive.

    MEMO TO THE F’TARDS RUNNING THIS: You need *boots on the ground* to destroy Quadaffi, not a pussy “no fly zone”. Man up, start acting like M E N and put troops on the ground in Libya if you want to end this.

    ITEM: “Educated politicians” are in charge of this abortion, therefore it will end with thousands killed, wounded, maimed with Libya in a worse position than it was before.