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Biden Takes Another Reporter as Spokesperson

Vice President Biden has tapped veteran Washington Post reporter Shailagh Murray to be his spokesperson, reaching into the ranks of the press corps for the second time for a communications director.

His previous spokesperson, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, had been a reporter for Time.

The choice will likely stir greater cynicism about the Washington press corps, which is seen by many outside the Beltway as in the tank for President Obama.

Murray, whose siblings are also reporters, reportedly will start working for Biden next month.

5 Responses to Biden Takes Another Reporter as Spokesperson

  1. This is exactly how DC has become so insular. It is almost incestuous how the political class exchange positions among themselves. The fourth estate has indeed become a fifth column.

  2. TRANSLATION: Vice President Biden chose a member of the liberal-Marxist mainstream media for his spokesperson. Like 98% of all MSM reporters, Shailaigh Murray has been working (pro bono) for the Obama Whitehouse since 2008.