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Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Took So Long on Libya

President Obama’s weeks of dithering on whether to take military action against Libya can now be explained by a top secret list, obtained by White House Dossier, of issues that prevented him from acting.

Some may surprise you. But all have been verified by the accounting firm of Spink, Peabody & Nobody.

The following is the list of Obama actions and reactions and other issues that caused the delay:

1. Obama meant to create No Fly Zone but it “totally slipped my mind.”

2. He was initially flattered by Qaddafi compliments on Health Reform law.

3. He accidentally ordered No Fly Zone over Fukushima Daiichi and spraying of sea water on Tripoli.

4. Qaddafi assured Mrs. Obama that all he wants to do when he gets to Benghazi is get people to make smarter food choices.

5. Obama was waiting to make sure Lichtenstein was on board.

6. Germany refused to go along with UN resolution unless 2011 was declared “Year of the Wiener Schnitzel.”

7. Obama hoped to take Qaddafi to The People’s Court first.

8. Qaddafi possesses Obamas full-form birth certificate.

9. National Security Council was considering Qaddafi demand to be made defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins.

10. Obama was concerned he might break a fingernail.

14 Responses to Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Took So Long on Libya

  1. That was cute but I’m sensitive because everyone seems so critical of Obama and yet with all the laws broken by George W. all they say is failed policy?

    • What laws did GW break.? Be more specific. Let’s drag him through the dirt, yet again, to side track the issues. He had his faults but this administrations a train wreck!!

  2. The implementation of the NFZ will be under the command and control of the US at the naval base in Naples (WaPo). Our ships will bomard Kaddafi’s air defenses and runways.
    People will be killed.
    Kaddafi may hold his people hostage with threats of WMD’s.
    More people will be killed.

    MrObama has now become GWBush, but without the cowboy bravado.

  3. This is funny. I could believe that it was not serious comments on international affairs written by Glen Beck, Sarah Palin or some Fox commentator.