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Obama Morning News || Friday, March 18, 2011

It looks like President Obama will go to Brazil tonight, despite the outbreak of war with Libya, because it’s all about the jobs, USA Today writes. But POLITICO reports on why the president’s Latin America trip is likely to be a liability for him, like his other foreign trips.

The decision to bomb Libya is seen in POLITICO as a victory for Secretary of State Clinton. Meanwhile, Obama will have to choose this summer whether to make Gen David Petraeus, another hawkish figure, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Obama’s Fat Cats have been ordered to round up $350,000 in donations each, the New York Times reports. The president’s transparency drive is moving transparently slowly, according to the Associated Press.

And Obama used a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday to announce he’ll be traveling to Ireland, where he’ll visit places relevant to his own Irish ancestors, one of him escaped the potato famine to come to the United States in 1850.

9 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || Friday, March 18, 2011”

  1. No one has ever explained why trolling for jobs in South America requires the Emperor and Empress of No Clothes and the Princesses Obama to go personally to South America.

    Any explanation offered to you and rest of the White House press corps on that, Keith?

  2. All of a sudden we learn about Obamas Irish roots. Interesting. I have not read “his” books but has he ever before shown any interest in his Irish roots ? And how many more “roots” are there to take advantage of ? If I am not wrong Kennedy and Reagan both were in Ireland because of their more obvious links to this country. Obama is probably trying to walk in their shoes.

  3. My word for the day is ‘optics.’ The optics of the First Family vacaying in South America while…US troops are being engaged in a third warfront, under UN auspices, against yet another militant muslim backdrop; while fearmongering of ‘radio active plumes’ are streaming above the western US; coupled with the tragedy of Japan…yep…to the THIS White House its time for the President to be seen ‘touring the sunshine’ of South America.

    If this is trully a needed ‘job finding’ expedition…can’t a Czar or Czarina be dispatched to turn over the beach lounge chairs and umbrella’d cocktails in the ‘search’ for the elusive employment opportunities?

    Its ‘this months’ vacay on the US taxpayers.

  4. Pandering to the Irish/American voters may not go well, many of them are Catholic and pro life. More than a few, are also too smart to be fooled twice.

  5. There will be offical photos of the O’s being welcomed by the BigShots, of the family staring at tourist points of interest, and great crowds listening to our Leader.
    There will be un-offical photos of the O’s vacationing with their family and friends on white sand beaches, eating ice cream and generally having a great time at their own Carnaval.
    There will be more water poured on the growing wave of anger that the O’s are on another vacation at our expense. National and World events will continue to cause concern to every American except the POTUS who will be far from the fray.
    Americans who still have taxable income will be furious knowing that the taxes they pay will be used by O’s for their personal enjoyment.

    Keith is right. The Prez should announce that current events, here and abroad, take precedence over a trip scheduled long ago and he will postpone this trip to a later date.

  6. Wow, the comments on Politico were brutal. Here’s an excerpt:

    “When you take the wife, kids, mother-in-law, extended family, and 100 of your best friends….it’s a VACATION, Barry!! Don’t p** on our leg and tell us it’s raining!

    It’s going to take an Act of Congress to rein in the profligate spending of this megalomaniac! If the GAO was allowed to publish a record of the Obama family ‘vacations’ for the past 2 years, it would trigger a 9 on the Richter scale! England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Russia, Ghana, India….not to mention the domestic vacations – Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, etc. The cost is astronomical….$78K/hr for AF One…plus back-up military aircraft, 20vehicle motorcades, helicopters, limos, Secret Service, ground services, hotel accommodations for WH personnel and guests, food and beverage….”

  7. Hey! Who are we peasants to complain! After all, the First Fakers are paying their PERSONAL EXPENSES!!!!!!

    What peasantry can ask for more?

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