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Obama to Address the Nation on Libya

Yes, he might want to explain why we are committing an act of war and get American prepared for the consequences.

He’ll appear at the White House this afternoon.

4 Responses to Obama to Address the Nation on Libya

  1. Considering Pentagon officials have testified in the last few days it could take about a week to set up the no-fly zone this sounds like he will say:

    1. Participate in fly-zone and reiterates Quddafi should step down.
    2. No air-to-ground strikes against Quddafi or his forces.
    3. No troops.
    4. I’m off to Brazil, any questions ask Biden.

    Basically an act of war is no big deal and using the template of the Kurds in Northern Iraq during the ’90s for Eastern Libya makes for good policy. How much shorter with Bob Gates’ stay at the Pentagon be?