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Obama Tries to Abdicate U.S. Leadership

I don’t know what any of this means. It’s from President Obama’s remarks today on Libya.

American leadership is essential, but that does mean acting alone. It means shaping the conditions for the international community to act together . . .

It is not an action that we will pursue alone. Indeed, our British and French allies and members of the Arab League have already committed to take a leadership role in the enforcement of this resolution, just as they were instrumental in pursuing it.

We are coordinating closely with them. And this is precisely how the international community should work, as more nations bear both the responsibility and the cost of enforcing international law.

Sorry, but the way this works is, we do our best to get as much international backing as we can, and then we go do the job with help from the British and token assistance from everyone else. Otherwise, the job will get bogged down in squabbling and the incompetence of the rest of our allies and friends who don’t know which end of a rifle to point toward the enemy and which to point at themselves.

We do the fighting and we put everyone else on latrine duty.

However, this notion of having the others PAY FOR THEIR DEFENSE  is not a bad idea, though.

Such an obsession with equal opportunity war fighting has already helped cause us to delay making decisions and acting in Libya until it is perhaps too late. This could only come from a president who said this:

I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.

Everybody is a winner, and everybody is a leader.

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13 Responses to Obama Tries to Abdicate U.S. Leadership

  1. How about throwing ourselves and any money we can get out of the sofa and our precious soldiers into things that are in our self-interest? Only. Period.

  2. I do believe that nations internationally have rested too long on the notion that the U.S. will do the work, pay the cost, and then the rest of the nations can enjoy criticizing our sacrifice.

    At least the muslims will have countries to yell about other than America.

    I thought that Obama was being passive to force other nations to take the lead. Unvfortunately, his vision is not one of America being relieved of being the world’s police officer. He wants America reduced to just one more dumplling bubbling in the international cauldron, no special power to protect itstelf, a reduced nation banging heads with other nations.

    What an idiot this man is.

  3. We’ve been doing this for 100years and Libya is one more time too many.
    Maybe we’re just burned out from being the whole world’s protector. We ship money, food, supplies, soldiers and our concern to everyone, everywhere and get nothing but disrespect in return.
    Our people have died for other’s freedom or come home broken in body and spirit.

    Let other countries fight their own battles, make their own decisions and lets’ worry about our fellow Americans for once.

    Go France! Go ArabNations! shoot down the planes, put your own people at risk and we’ll cheer you on to victory.

  4. We’ll find out what kind of world we live in when the USA abdicates its leadership position. There will be more strife in the world not less.

    Heartbreak. Obama cancelled his outdoor Berlin-light rally in Rio this Sunday. Instead, it will be held indoors in a small theater. They’re not saying why but are hinting at security issues. I think it might have been a step towards toning down this unpopular trip.

      • Yuck…how metrosexual of him. I’ve never seen pictures of him wearing sandals before. Wonder if he gets pedicures too? Clear polish of course. Not very manly or presidential of him.

  5. Is it true that Obama did not consult Congress about the Lybia adventure, but went directly to the UN as if he is king and our nation must answer to them?

    Is this an impeachable offense?

  6. British exceptionalism? Greek exceptionalism? Historically yes…current world order. NO…

    Our representative republic, went from ‘no place to first place’ in well UNDER three hundred years by allowing the non regulated human intiative and spirit to soar for the benefit of the individual risk taker. That was back when we were all in that ‘melting pot’ as Americans.

    Thanks to the academia like Buh-rock and his minions, we must ‘celebrate diversity’ add a hyphen (or two) to our American status, get in a circle and sing a UN approved version of Kumbaya (in multiple languages, with subtitles and signage). We are all so equally mediocre now…

  7. The worst, the weakest, the most deceitful, the most dishonest, the most disconnected person in politics and they elected him President! Years to come(provided we can survive this four year term) historians will be asking: What were they thinking? The whole damn family is acting like they just won a trip to Disneyland! I say call him” Mr. Dithers” from here to the end.