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A Liberal Critique of Mrs. Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program

Here’s an excellent piece from the left-wing Daily Beast filled with counterintuitive information I was completely unaware of. In it, Professor Paul Campos of the University of Colorado at Boulder questions all the premises of Mrs. Obama’s anti-obesity campaign.

We don’t know if adults or children consume more calories today than they did forty years ago: Even weakly reliable statistics regarding this question don’t exist. Similarly, we don’t know if people today are less active than they were a generation ago. Nor do we know if caloric intake and activity levels have changed over the past 10 years, when the “obesity epidemic” apparently ended.

He notes that in the 1980s and 1990s – the years of the “obesity epidemic,” which actually ended a decade ago, people stopped smoking and got older, two key factors in gaining weight.

If Americans aren’t eating more than they were a generation ago, attempts to get them to eat less are especially likely to fail.

Studies do not show that giving children healthier diets helps them lose weight. Campos says that Mrs. Obama is pursuing anunproven remedy that stigmatizes fat children and can lead to the very bullying she said at a White House conference last week she wants to eliminate. The first lady has even termed these kids a national security threat, I suppose since if they join the army they’ll make easy, slow moving targets who will cause others to wrench their backs dragging them to safety after they’ve been hit..

He says the initiative is little more than fodder for conservatives who love to needle Democratic nanny state programs run amuck.

It is a deeply misguided attempt to solve an imaginary health crisis by employing unnecessary cures that in any case don’t work. As such, it is almost a parody of activist government at its most clueless.

Thanks to one of our readers, Granny Jan, for sharing this link.

6 Responses to A Liberal Critique of Mrs. Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program

  1. The FatKidsBehinds program that MrsO and the Dems bullied though Congress is not about obese children. Children do not get obese eating the school lunches provided in the cafeterias.
    The program was pay-back to the bosses of the SEIU who wanted the school cafeteria workers to be full-time employees who could then be unionized.
    How do they get to be full-time employees? when the school district is forced by Federal law to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to the children.
    When the children are fed 3 times a day, 7 days a week in the school, the government takes over the family responsiblity. The only sensible feeding program like this is in the inner city where busing isn’t required to get the child to school. Most inner-city children are Black and Hispanic and that’s the target group that this law is designed to control. This law and MrsO’s push to get children to “move” is a waste of money and insulting to the people who live in the suburbs of America where children play outside, join sports groups and have access to many venues of physical activities with their families.

    The flack and push back that MrsO gets from the public for this monstrously intrusive and corrupt program is the old saw “nobody likes a rich b*tch telling them how to live their lives”. MrsO is not a nutritionist or a military advisor and fraudulenty assumes these roles as a means to her own quest to be relevant in the public eye.

    • Yes SrDem…yes. And might I add the intrusion has begun in earnest in the suburbia.

      I pack my public school offsprings’ lunches. I pack WHAT I KNOW THEY WANT AND WHAT I, THEIR MOTHER, WANT THEM TO EAT. For perspective, these are my two youngest, growing boys, student athletes…who do NOT ‘get filled up’ or ‘like’ the cafeteria offerings…so I, AS THEIR PARENT take responsibility for providing their in school nutrition.

      A forest has been killed with the ‘do you need a subsidized lunch?’ (NO!) forms that have been REPEATEDLY sent to the families (profiling?) that do not ‘buy.’

      Now, thanks to the divine Mrs. Soetaro, I (and any other non-cafeteria purchasing parent) am receiving ‘healthy lunch’ edicts from the school district. As soda pop machines have been removed from the cafeteria, I am waiting for the public trust nannies to forbid my ‘packing’ of soda or iced tea.

      Trust me…they don’t want to go there.

  2. I am trying to get used to the WashPost website–the NYT is dead to me now. And they had a story on the health blog about a friendly caterpillar teaching kids to eat or some claptrap. Anyway, it said if the caterpillar eats too much he gets a tummyache–so when you feel full, remember to stop eating. Little kids feel full in 3 tablespoons. What happened to asking kids to try new things, too–just one bite–whioch amounts to urging food on them. A varied diet is important…And when you overemphasize and demonize food it makes it all worse. Why is common sense so damnably uncommon?

      • By the way–on Newsbeast–I cancelled Newsweek a couple of yrs ago–after 50 yrs, woman and child–bec they started saying stupid stuff about how brilliant some Chicago lighbringer was or something. They sent me a check back as a refund. Wonder if they still do. Anyway, someone gave me an article from there and it was stuffed with s-words and f-words…like a really cheest knockoff of Rolling Stone, which was there first. I guess I am just a cranky dinosaur–well, so be it.