As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs

Well, if President Obama was considering not going to Brazil in order to help conduct the war against Libya from Washington, he’s boxed himself in, because in an op-ed piece today for USA Today, he’s proclaimed he’s on a mission to make jobs.

And if he doesn’t go to Brazil – and then Chile and El Salvador – as scheduled, then he doesn’t care about jobs. Or Hispanics.

But Obama cares, deeply, about jobs and Hispanics. Because without them, he will lose his own job.

Obama trip to Latin AmericaI’m sure he genuinely cares. Even politicians care about things. Gosh, my cynicism is broken today.

But what gets Obama out of bed in the morning to go save and create jobs, what keeps him talking about jobs even as Republicans want to discuss the budget, is that voters are worried about jobs. And as for the weird stop in tiny El Salvador, well, the children of all those Salvadoran immigrants from the 1980s are just now of voting age.

Every poll shows people like jobs jobs jobs. A March 4-7 Bloomberg poll had 43 percent saying unemployment and jobs are the most important issues facing the country, with the federal deficit coming in at 29 percent and the war in Afghanistan – which Obama rarely discusses publicly – at just 7 percent.

A February CBS News poll had “the economy and jobs” at 48 percent, with only seven percent saying the deficit and debt are the top issues.

But why did he shelve immigration reform? Only three percent in the Bloomberg poll list it as the top priority. But it’s a big deal for Hispanics – though they too rate other issues higher – so he must go to ┬áLatin America

If you’re not out of a job, you’ve given up looking, or you’re worried you might lost your job or you’re worried someone you care about is going to lose theirs.

So it’s jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs.

Funny he’s going to Brazil to promote U.S. exports. The man hasn’t negotiated a single free trade agreement in more than two years as president, and he’s left the ones Bush negotiated with South Korea, Columbia and Panama to rot on a shelf over at AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington.

12 Responses to Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs

  1. Nobody, no one, not even his most Obatic supporters believes he’s going on a vacation with his family and friends to secure American jobs from SouthAmerica. His statement on the trip is insulting and untrue.

    • He is very much a small child, an enfant terrible, a grown male whose tastes in food, wine and sport are center in his life, but which the nation, is second. Our nation is ruled by a rich schoolboy who will pout when he does not get what he wants and then blames others for his failures.

  2. Republicans want to discuss the budget? I thought they wanted to discuss NPR, Muslims, Rolling back Wall Street reform, and paying off the insurance lobbies?

  3. Barry IS providing for extra jobs…why with his OP-ED, USAToday had to hire one or two clerical assistants to continually ‘scrub’ the scathing comments from the ‘little people’ on BHO’s missive.

    Talk about shovel ready!

  4. But just think of ALL the jobs that are created when they go on these junkets! Why, there’s an awful lot of air traffic control people keeping busy getting the little people out of AF1’s way, there’s the mountain ‘o luggage haulers, the snooty hotel’s employees, the line of wait staff at all the fanciest restaurants along the way… golly, I’m sure it takes more than the normal person’s travel entourage what with all the bowing and groveling that goes on…..

    Jobs…who can think about jobs….I’ve got more important things to do…Oh, wait, MEchelle, they’re gonna make me do one more speech! Somebody said something about war. Get that teleprompter ready! I’ll just be a minute!

  5. Votes Votes Votes Votes Votes Votes…..This trip and everything else this president does is all about himself. The world is falling apart and he takes off again for another vacation with his family under the cammo of searching for jobs. It’s not that he shouldn’t look for jobs. But he belongs in the White House delegating job hunting to his staff and working on other pressing issues of the country. I wonder if he’ll play a few rounds of golf while away? Photo op? I’m sure that we’ll see the young people of El Salvador gathered around him with smiles on their faces holding him in praise. Look for his trademark white shirt with no tie and sleeves rolled up holding hands in the street. What were we thinking America????