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Today’s Obama Poll || America Likes Boehner

President Obama’s chief political antagonist at the moment, House Speaker John Boehner, is generally popular with the public, at least among those who have any idea who he is. He’s cried his way into our hearts, it seems.

Worth noting that he’s down a few points from January.

What’s your opinion of House Speaker John Boehner?

Favorable: 41 percent

Unfavorable: 27 percent

Never heard of the guy: 20 percent

CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll. March 11-13

boehner crying
"You like me!"

5 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || America Likes Boehner”

  1. Boehner is not a very popular guy among tea party conservatives in the aftermath of the budget resolution vote this week. Bet he wouldn’t get above 20% in a poll of conservative voters. The house had a perfect opportunity to get substantial cuts and Boehner tucked tail and ran. He is no statesman. He’s nothing more than a big government politician, just as we thought he would be.

  2. in general, I like him. the crying thing doesn’t bother me. and I like it that he’s a smoker.

    Susan: I’m a pro-choice tea partier myself (a rare breed I’m afraid!) and I think the tea party in general has lost its way a bit. I wouldn’t be worried, if I were Boehner, what the TP thinks of him. if they keep pushing candidates like Christine O’Donnell (who they still all idolize) they’re going to ruin it for everyone.

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