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UN Security Council Approves Libya Airstrikes

The United Nations approved airstrikes against Libya, giving President Obama the option to create a No Fly Zone and bomb Libyan tanks and heavy armor to prevent him from defeating the rebellion.

The resolution passed 10-0, with Russia, China, India, Brazil and Germany abstaining. All of these five certainly would have rather voted against the resolution, and so the vote is a clear demonstration that the United States can still throw its weight heavily around, and that Obama can take a leadership role on the world stage if he feels he must.

Whether Obama waited too long to take serious measures to save the Libyan rebellion –¬†instead of knocking out Qaddafi earlier in the battle with a No Fly Zone –¬†remains to be seen. If he has, the result will be a huge blow to his and the United States’ prestige.

The president is reportedly conferring with his National Security Council, and bombing could begin at any moment.

7 thoughts on “UN Security Council Approves Libya Airstrikes”

      1. I have wondered recently if we were to have a similar uprising in America what the response would be? I would like to hear opinions on how that would play out across the country and in DC.

        I’m not a supporter of MoMo Q but Libya is a soveriegn country and if the leader wants to lead as a dictator who are we to say he is wrong. We assume that all of the rebels in these uprisings think like we do and they just want a nice representative democracy with three branches of government. I think basing an opionion on that assumption is dangerous. If we look across the middle east it is clear that our version of democracy is not in the cards due to corruption, religious differences, historical issues etc. The general population doesn’t think like we do. Freedom yes, how and in what form is the question.
        I hurts to see people being killed and for that we need to take action.

        I’m glad I’m not the president and don’t have to deal with this today, I’m going to watch basketball! On second thought, if I were the pres I would probably be watching the games on the plane to Brazil.

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