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Obama to Make a Statement on Japan

President Obama told reporters this morning he will make a statement later in the day on Japan.

I think this is a very good idea because it’s THE VERY IDEA I HAD FOR HIM YESTERDAY.

Not that I’m gloating or suggesting someone at the White House might have read it in White House Dossier.

OK, I’m gloating and suggesting someoneĀ at the White House might have read it in White House Dossier.

OK, who knows. But the country needs to hear from him, so good job Obamaites.

Obama announced his intention during a brief appearance with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who’s in town to make sure the president celebrates St. Patrick’s Day correctly.

UPDATE: Statement is at 3:30 in the Rose Garden.

10 thoughts on “Obama to Make a Statement on Japan”

  1. Oh–this is a result of your post, Keith. Or it should be. The best St Patrick’s email I got–Maxine saying, “Kiss me, I’m irate.”

  2. I know I probably don’t understand the “political protocol”, but couldn’t he just say something while he made his brief appearance with the Irish Prime Minister? I think that would have meant more than a specially arranged “official statement”. Thanks for the warning though, Mr. President. I am sure I can find a basketball game during your statement.

  3. I dunno Keith…me thinks Me!chelle had something to do with this whole ‘Japan’ statement issue.

    Can we say ‘shortages of Kobe beef?’

    “Buh-rock…you better do something about this…”

  4. It would have been more realistic and fitting for Barry to turn around on the steps leading up to AirForce one, on his way to Rio, and shout “too bad… so sad, it sucks to be you Japan”. I really don’t give a crap what he has to say today. This sociopath could care less. This God awful crisis in Japan has been going on now for nearly a week, and numbnuts has been focusing on his March Madness picks. Disgusting, Repugnant, Nauseating, Repulsive, Dispicable, Contemptible, Abhorrent, and Revolting to name a few descriptive words for this man’s behavior during Japan’s crisis. Simply put, our President is not worthy of respect.

  5. Mr. Precedent does not have time to worry over little matters of radiation in Japan, or dead bodies coming ashore. There are many things on his plate – college basketball, St. Patty’s party, paycation to Rio and the epicenter of economic trade – El Salvador (he probably could not locate it on a map). Nothing against Chile and El Sal, but they are not exactly players on the world economic front – or any other fronts these days. His approval rating went up two points today – who are these people? If Bush went to that hotbed of celebrities town Crawford to work – with staff during all this they would have waterboarded him. With the I Won it is – Buenos Dias! (don’t know Portugese)

  6. My take is that WH Staff probably perused the internet to find out just how much Obama was being BASHED and realized … Oh my … here’s some good info: GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR – MAKE A STATEMENT ON JAPAN.

    *Walah!* Mr. Obama will visit the Japanese Embassy.


    Keith, way to go.

    Don’t be suprised if you get a 3 a.m. call from David Plouffe!

  7. I saw part of the statement–amazingly, I am working today. Who ever got into the “Let me repeat that” thing, needs to take it out of these speeches. Even people who did not go to Harvard can hear things the first time.!

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