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Obama Finally Gets Serious About Libya

The United States appears on the cusp of getting the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution that would permit NATO not only to establish a No Fly Zone, but to also create a kind of No Drive Zone that would allow for the bombing of Qaddafi forces besieging the rebel capital of Benghazi.

Here’s a copy of the resolution provided by CBS.

I have no idea what suddenly startled the president into decisive action. After weeks of dithering, it’s clear that we finally took a leadership role and told the rest of the Security Council that we were not going to take “no” for an answer.

By waiting so long, we are now committed to doing more than we needed to do when victory was at hand for the rebels. And there is now further risk of escalation, because by bombing his army, we are more directly at war with Qaddafi and now are in a position where we can’t let ourselves lose.

This was handled very poorly, but the president is finally, in my view, doing the right thing, and should be commended for it.

7 thoughts on “Obama Finally Gets Serious About Libya”

      1. LOL. Sure, use my tax money–if I made enough money to pay taxes in this econ–to blow up this guy’s house and little kids. I can’t stop you. Yes, he’s ugly, mean, creepy, attacked us–but we can’t just throw in with anyone who runs into the streets.

  1. Sorry, but there’s nothing to commend here. This resolution stands a strong chance of being vetoed by either China or Russia. If that happens, then it will be pitched as, “Well, we tried, but the UN wouldn’t let us.”

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