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Obama Arrives at Japanese Embassy

An excellent gesture toward our beleaguered friend.

From the pool report:

President Obama visited the Japan Embassy, in an unannounced trip, and signed a condolence book.

POTUS sat at a table covered in white cloth with the book before him. He sat for about 4 minutes 30 seconds. In front of him, on another table, were flowers and handwritten cards. “We are thinking of you,” one read. “Sorry,”┬áread another.

POTUS wrote: “My heart goes out to the people of Japan during this enormous tragedy. Please know that America will always stand by one of its greatest allies during this time of need. Because of the strength and wisdom of its people, we know that Japan will recover, and indeed will emerge stronger than ever. And as it recovers, the memory of those who have been lost will remain in our hearts, and will serve only to strengthen the relationship between our two countries. May God bless the people of Japan.” He signed his name and wrote “March 2011” after his signature.

Then POTUS addressed the pool saying the purpose was to communicate how “heartbroken,” America is over the tragedy. “We are doing everything we can to stand by our great friend and ally, Japan, in this hour of need,” he said. He offered sympathy for lives lost and those who are now displaced.

POTUS said he was “confident” Japan will rebuild, praising its “strong” and “dedicated” people.

Said Ambassador of Japan Ichiro Fujisaki: “We are so grateful to the president and the people of the United States.”


4 thoughts on “Obama Arrives at Japanese Embassy”

  1. A little late to comment but here goes anyway.

    How do we know that’s what Obama wrote in the condolence book? The man is useless w/o TOTUS. A “pool report” says that he wrote five coherent sentences. Well, then he’s improved since Columbia. So what does the “pool” report? Methinks they merely acted as stenographers for Obama & just passed on what the WH told them he wrote. I watched the video of him at the Embassy & he hesitated a LOT while he was writing, w/ that left-handed, crabbed grasp of the pen. He’s one strange character.

    BTW, Keith – you should read Jack Cashill’s “Deconstructing Obama” – fascinating. Hard to imagine Obama sitting late at night writing “Dreams” longhand on yellow legal pads, as he supposedly did.

      1. Great! I hope you read it – it’s really eye-opening. I used to think “birthers” were crazy … now I see how much has been covered up by the lazy and/or corrupt and/or deceitful faux press.

        Not you of course – I really appreciate your great work at this site.

        I read something recently about ethics in journalism – can’t remember who said it – something along the lines of “you can only get an indication of how ethical a journalist is by reading his/her accounts & articles – but the real way to discern if a journalist is being ethical is by what he/she doesn’t report”. That is telling. And that is the quandary of course – because if the reporter leaves out part of the story (as I see over & over & over again at Politico esp.), then how is Joe Sixpack supposed to know how to judge the accuracy of NBC News or his local paper etc.?

        Please do read the book Keith – you won’t be sorry.

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