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Michelle Obama to Write Healthy Eating Book

Michelle Obama will write a book encouraging people to eat healthy, locally grown food, according to reports.

In the book, Mrs. Obama will also discuss the correct way to eat buffalo ribs and reveal that the presence of several kilos of cheeseburgers and sausage at a recent White House Super Bowl party was “a complete accident” on her part.

“I honestly thought I had ordered thirty pounds of flaxseed,” she said.

Mrs. Obama will also write in the book about her White House vegetable garden, where she held an extended photo op did some planting Wednesday.

“What we’ve learned this experience is that you can get the same guy who walks your dog to tend the garden,” she said.

The book, expected to be titled “The Audacity of Tomatoes,” is due out April 2012.

Profits will go to charity.

8 thoughts on “Michelle Obama to Write Healthy Eating Book”

  1. Our Lady of the Garden and FirstScold to FatKidsBehinds has the nation eagerly awaiting her first fictional novel. The working title “how to grow 2,000 pounds of arugula in 10sq ft plot of earth” has been changed to “Protecting Our Freedom, One Carrot At A Time”.
    Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to a charity now being formed in the CaymanIslands.

  2. This book, like her husbands, will bomb…. Everyone knows her gardening skit is fake; everyone knows she is hypocrite; everyone knows, that like her husband she loves being the center of attention.

    1. My only thoughts on her ‘book’ is that it will that of Hill and Bill’s: contemporary fiction. Michelle Obama has shown herself to be exactly what the media has portrayed of her: a diva. She has absolutely NO love from or for the American people and its felt across the country. She dines at fancy 5-star restaurants on $500-plate scrum-chewous meals with $200-bottle wine while telling the American people “we must cut back, we must eat healthy.” Yet it does not effect her. And the liberal MSM not only sponsors and supports this propaganda, they prop her up as a fashion icon.

      She is and will always remain … low rent.

  3. “Greens of my Fatwah” or “The Audacity of Cantalop?”

    Lame, I know…kinda like another Obot inspired, fawning coffee table book. Last month, Me!chelle was a Fashion Icon (or was hat Eye Con?); this month, gardening; next child rearing; followed by pet care; lastly ‘making the best of public housing and taxpayer funded transportation.’

  4. Does Mrs. Obama use GMO seeds in her garden? Her husband’s administration is against organic gardening in favor of GMO patented worldwide crop ownership. If I was to grow 2000 pounds of vegetables in my back yard, I would most likely be sued by the GMO giant. With all the information available about genetically modified foods, and the administration’s backing of the seemingly evil enforcements, I wonder how she can get away with promoting large organic gardens?

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