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Cancel the Latin America Trip

We are going to commit an act of war tomorrow. It’s not a casual thing.

President Obama should be in the country. Who knows if Qaddafi has some kind of sleeper cell here waiting to act, or if things might go wrong somehow over Libya?

Politically, the sight of him reviewing some kind of Samba receiving line while we are launching bombs at Libya ain’t gonna go down well, especially if there are problems.

I hate to put it so bluntly, but it’s only Brazil, Chile and El Salvador he’ll be visiting. They can wait.

Send Biden and reschedule.

22 thoughts on “Cancel the Latin America Trip”

  1. It’s too late. The rebels have scattered and there is no visible leadership to take the reins of Libya if Kaddafi is ousted. Chaos will rule, leaving the country vulnerable to a radical Muslim takeover.
    This is a mistake. Too little, too late.

  2. Unfortunately, srdem is right. It is too late. He has stalled for a month now and the rebels have lost their hold. It will turn into another Somalia if Kaddafi is taken out now. As for the trip, he may not be calling the shots. It seem pretty obvious that nothing ever gets in the way of Michelle’s vacation plans.

  3. You’re 100% correct. However, I think he will go. He can’t dissappoint his girls for their spring break vacation again and he needs to give his speech in Rio in order to soak up the adulation from the adoring crowds. I hope the visuals are awful and his poll numbers plummet.

  4. He CAN”T not go — it’s his family’s spring break! God forbid the little darlings stay home!

    Lamest, most tone-deaf president ever.

  5. He has an op-ed in USA Today on why he really must go on the trip because it’s all about finding jobs which we are on the verge of finding and they might be in Brazil. No mention of why we can’t find jobs in Columbia because he won’t agree to a long stalled trade deal or why his kids have to come along on this job finding trip.

  6. I honour the men and women who will carry out these missions but politically Obama can not reap any credits for the decision. Here it is reported as the result of FranceĀ“s and BritainĀ“s tireless lobbying. Politico report it as a Hillary Clinton victory. Looks like Obama was absent as usual. Khadaffi held a chilling speech about what he would do to his enemies in Libya. Maybe this decision can give women and children a chance to cross the borders as Khadaffi probably will use civilians as “human shields” to hamper the missions.

    1. True, France and Britain, and possibly Hillary, got his butt in gear. It is indeed morre of a victory for them. I’m genuinely surprised by their hawkishness and realism, but I think your comments on fear of refugees probably has something to do with it. I think it’s possible Obama didn’t want to have a guilty conscience about what’s about to happen in Benghazi, and so turned on a dime.

  7. Cancel Brazil? And risk the wrath of Me!chelle?

    If Barry had any concern of ‘optics’ of situations…he would be cancelled out last week from the Gridiron Dinner. He didn’t. He went. He (feebly attempted) to joke.

    Brazil will be a go. The ‘girl drink carrying’ media will note how ‘excellently Obama compartimentilizes world events.’ He is soooo smart. We are just too stupid to understand it.

    Blame it on Rio…or anyone/thing other than Obama.

  8. Fat chance on cancelling: …In Santiago, “Mrs. Obama will deliver personal remarks about her own upbringing and education pursuit”.
    Oh my. Staff is paid to avoid such opportunities for world-wide snickering.

  9. Michelle is salivating at the mouth, hoping to get her lips around some fogo-de-chau, Brazilian beef with all the trimmings. Obama will want to shake his Rio and get in some time on the thousands of Brazilian basketball courts where he can amaze Lula and the local, liberal MSM on his hoop prowess. This trip *must* take place – the Obama’s have worked very, very hard and they have earned yet another vacation on the backs of the American taxpayer, complete with AirForce One trip down in ultimate luxury. Joe can handle ‘dodge and Hillary, well she’s a sell out and leaving anyway….

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