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Today’s Quote || March 16, 2011

“I said I was for change. From now on, France will take the lead military role in the world, and the United States will specialize in making desserts.”

– President Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Quote || March 16, 2011”

  1. If only that were true.
    Let another country spill their blood to save an ungrateful population from tyranny. Let them feel the murderous hatred of foreigners who want to kill them with cowardly attacks on innocents. When their treasury is strained with the burden of warfare and foreign corruption, their people will know how Americans sacrificed their future to keep the world safe.
    Viva la France!

  2. The greatest asset France has today is Legion Etrangere (French Foreign Legion), based out of Marsailles on the mainland and on the island of Corsica. The Legion has served France honorably (1836) won glory at the Battle of Camerone (1863) in Mexico and later during the First and Second World War, when Legionnaires refused to surrender to Rommel – the Desert Fox – at the old nomadic well at Bir Hacheim (1942). Since WWII, the Legion has served all over the world, lately serving in Tschad (Chad) and at Kolwezi (1978) in the Congo. They are curently in action with our troops in Afghanistan.

    Not only does the Legion know Libya, its people, its tribal customs, but there are hundreds of Legionnaires who are Muslim, speak Arabic and many who are volunteers from Libya, Egypt, and Algeria. The Legion’s desert warfare group – 13e Demi Brigade de la Legion Etrangere (DBLE) – is based in Dijoubti and only hours from Benghazi and Tripoli. The kepi blanc is well known in Africa, especially among the tribal peoples of North Africa.

    France should dispatch both armored and infantry elements to Libya and let the Legionnaires oust Quadaffi. It’s not minimal risk and Legionnaires will die, but France can revel again in glory and gain the Legion another battle honor on its standard.

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