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President Obama Won’t Get his Sunshine Award

A ceremony today to allow good government groups to give President Obama the “Sunshine Week” award for his commitment to open and transparent government has been scratched due to “changes in the president’s schedule,” a White House official told reporters today.

There was skepticism about the reasoning among some White House reporters who were picking up mixed assessments from openness advocates about Obama’s record on transparent governing. There was also snickering among some in the press corps today who compared the award to the Nobel Prize he received in 2009, which was clearly given in anticipation of accomplishments not yet achieved.

33 Responses to President Obama Won’t Get his Sunshine Award

  1. Sniggering is a good description. How much damage control have the mainstream media and White House press corps already done regarding this guy? Are they finally getting it? I doubt it. They’ll do just about anything so he won’t fail – the U.S., yes, but Obama, no.

  2. Meanwhile, at the White House…

    NCAA bracket time
    Mo-Town tributes
    Chicago Bulls basketball
    Black History Month
    Women of the Century
    Meetings with J. Immelt
    Tee times at 9am
    Lectures on bullying
    Sermons on obesity
    Beer summits
    Date nights
    Movie nights
    Meetings with unions
    Monthly vacation planning
    Meetings with fundraisers
    BBQ ribs and soul food

    Middle East crisis? Huh…??
    Meltdown? What’s a meltdown…??
    Freedom? In the Middle East…??

    Partaaaay!! Partaaaay!! Partaaaay!!

    No wonder the world is laughing at us…
    especially the world’s dictators and despots.

  3. The worst President in modern history. An economic moron, a foreign policy joke, and incapable of leading. A product of the media and Democrat special interest groups….You fools may have doomed the USA. 2012 seems so far away…sigh!

  4. Such a shame! The transparency of His Opaqueness is soooooooo evident in how his policies clearly are meant to run America into oblivion.

  5. Have a nice time in Rio, ‘Bammy Baby! While the world burns, you and your big-butt Missus take in the Rio sights, no doubt on the Taxpayers’ dime.

  6. Make no mistake, this is by design. He is purposely degrading the United States in every way possible. Doing a fine job I might add.

  7. It’s bad enough that he’s so transparent but what’s really maddening is that the MSM still refuses to call him out. Not ONE of them has the honesty and fortitude to call this man what he is.

  8. It’s apparent to me that the bamster doesn’t actually understand the word “transparency” ergo his government cannot be transparent.

  9. Our president is a disgrace to all Americans.
    Hey Obama how about donating the money from the $30,000 per person
    party you are having to Japan. You keep telling us to donate.
    Obama is picking basketball, going to Rio having a St Patricks day oarty while the world is falling apart.
    One great thing about America, we can call out president a
    F–king Idiot !!!

  10. award for his commitment to open and transparent government has been scratched today due to changes in Obama’s schedule.
    It should be stopped period. This admin is sure not open or transparent. Most is done behind closeddoor between Obama and his czars.

  11. Herr Goebbels was more transparent. Lavrenti Beria was more transparent. I hope that you lefties who voted in this global embarrassment, little barry soetoro, are proud now.

  12. This President promised his presidency would be the most open and forethright there had ever been. We are wondering when this is going to start.
    So far it appears that his words do not match his actions.

    But, there is still time left to change this, but I doubt it will happen.

  13. Oh this is so funny! Even the government Pravda agency has noticed that Obama was awarded a “Nobel Prize” on the strength of European wishful thinking. Now Obama is to receive an award for transparency which he and his secretive administration do not practice. Maybe we should next award him a citizenship award even though he isn’t an American citizen?

  14. The middle east is on fire, a volcano, earthquake and tsunami in Japan, nuclear radiation heading for the US, mass murder in Lybia, oil prices out of control. It’s 3:00 AM and the phone is ringing, what is our dear leader going to do about it?

    1. Blame Bush!
    2. Go golfing!
    3. Vote “present”!
    4. Head for Brazil!
    5. Denounce Israel!
    6. Blame Fox News!
    7. Handicap NCAA Basketball!
    8. Give a “No bullying” speach!
    9. Hold a Gridiron Dinner Party!
    10. Apologize for US involvement!
    11. Give a Stimulus Grant to the Muslim Brotherhood!

  15. If the ‘Bamster’ would call John Kerry for advice,
    next we’ll hear he has several Purple-Hearts
    for all the wounds he’s received from you
    meanies who left comments on this post!
    I’m wondering if his mother-in-law’s voo-doo
    witchdoctor is on his economic advisory
    panel? Chicken blood in the White House…?

  16. This is the product of ‘affirmative action’, a guy who does not have a clue, and wouldn’t find his own as*s were it not connected!

  17. I suggest reading “The Mask of Sanity” by Hervey Cleckley, M.D.

    It may clear up a lot of questions people have about this man.

  18. Isn’t it odd that the obamas will be way SOUTH in Rio while the rest of America will be dodging nuclear fallout. This is one president we don’t need to spare.

  19. Transparent? You mean like ignoring the Defense of Marriage Act, removal of the Gulf drilling ban, lack of securing the borders and telling the City of Dayton it had to accepts blacks on to the police force with failing grades? We now officially live in a dictatorship. If you think Hitler happened overnight, read your history. A percentage of the people supported him and he then took away all rights little by little. You in the press are complicit.
    Transparency? Forget the birth certificate. I want to see his passport, papers, test scores and transcripts to know where he came from, went, and what he stood for then, and now.

  20. Look, this clown is so arrogant, he’s never going to do the right thing. We knew he had no resume’ and got voted in. We knew he had a socialist background, we knew he was going to be a feckles girly man liberal POS. My life has enough negatives in it…no job, lost my house, spending the last of my savings, high gas prices, and no bright future to look towards….Ive had enough. I dont care to follow this hypocrite any more. I hope his life is great and he gets the his ass handed to him in the next election….but other than that, I have few things to look forward to now. Thank US Government…Thanks

  21. Anyone who says their vote doesn’t count is now seeing the folly of their logic. It wasn’t the black vote that put us where we are now. It was the independent white vote.

    All independents who plan on sitting out the next election due to crappy candidates (and yes, there very well may be two horrible choices in the next election), remember this and what this man has done to us all.

    We are in a dictatorship and will be lucky to survive this administration until the next election. Independents need to pay close heed to my warning and not allow this idiot a second term.