As of now, I am in control here, in the White House


Obama’s NCAA picks. Yes, he chose both the men’s and the women’s. I’m sure he’s been closely following the latter.

7 Responses to Obamabrackets

  1. … he’s still out of touch.

    The fact is, either the WH advisors are complete idiots or both Obama and his cabinet and advisors truly believe that going AWOL is the most logical, positive, political choice to follow. SECSTATE Clinton was snubbed in Cairo; we have another possible nuke reactor explosion; the Libyan rebels are fighting and dying with no help (EU or otherwise) and Obama is busy with the brackets.

    Whose in charge?

  2. This Bread & Circuses act is devastatingly embarrassing. He says he’s giving Kansas “a chance of redemption”? Ha ha, I’m sure Kansas is long past that stage for him.

  3. Look, this clown is so arrogant, he’s never going to do the right thing. We knew he had no resume’ and got voted in. We knew he had a socialist background, we knew he was going to be a feckles girly man liberal POS. My life has enough negatives in it…no job, lost my house, spending the last of my savings, high gas prices, and no bright future to look towards….Ive had enough. I dont care to follow this hypocrite any more. I hope his life is great and he gets the his ass handed to him in the next election….but other than that, I have few things to look forward to now. Thank US Government…Thanks