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Obama Needs to Speak on Japan. Today.

So I says to a colleague of mine in the White House press corps the other day, I says, “Obama and his staff should be reading White House Dossier every day.”

And she says, “What, are you kidding?”

And I says, “No, I’m deadly serious.”

And she says, “Are you kidding?”

And I says, “They need to read White House Dossier because I catalogue every dumb thing they do, every mistake, every hypocrisy, every inconsistency. I’ve covered the White House since 1997, through Monica, 9/11, and Katrina – I know how this place works and what to do and what not to do.┬áIf they want to know what their errors are before something breaks out into the mainstream media, they need to read me.”

And she gave me a skeptical look and went back to work.

So now, today, I’m helping the White House get ahead of the game by informing its staff via this article that they need to put the President of the United States out there TODAY to reassure the nation as the world’s worst or second worst nuclear power disaster unfolds.

Because Americans are a compassionate people, and they care about Japan, one of our best friends and allies, and want President Obama to outline just what we’re doing to help the Japanese people.

And because they are sitting there watching radiation ooze into the atmosphere and are beginning to wonder, “Can that stuff come here?”

Yesterday we had an incompetent performance from surgeon general Regina Benjamin, who seemed to be freelancing when she suggested there was nothing wrong with Californians stocking up on Iodide tablets in case radiation floated across the Pacific.

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The White House needs to steer a coordinated, sober response to the situation, not have the surgeon general inadvertently sowing fear that the United States may have a radiation problem.

So, White House staffers, sometime today, perhaps between receiving the “Sunshine Award” and raising money for the DNC, the president needs to materialize in front of a microphone to discuss the situation.

Please, don’t thank me.

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  1. …and make a statement about the CR on the Budget… what does it look like when the Pres. says nothing and is not at the White House and Congress is taking a week off.. “Meanwhile back at the Ranch”, the Fed, Workers and the businesses that are linked closely with these offices being open are unable to make plans or balance their budget because they do not know it they will have income on Monday or if lucky enough to hear something good by Friday then no work on the 19th… give us a break… get the work done!!!

  2. Do you remember the movie THE QUEEN? Remember when Tony Blair steps back, after taking a weird phone call from Prince Charles (after the death of Princess Diana) and says to his staffers: “WHO will save these people from themselves?”

    The Royal Household was seen as insulated and rigid in the aftermath of the death of Diana and Dodi Fayed in France. And with no PR spokesman (except for a Royal Secretary in Scotland), the ‘Royals’ took a beating in the press.

    ITEM: The White House has an image problem. Obama is seen as detached, aloof and out of touch not only with America but with the rest of the world, especially in light of the threat of nuclear contamination from the Japanese nuclear reactors.

  3. If anyone is wondering just *where* Obama received his education in Socialism and Marxist Theology, a new video surfaced today of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, this year, spewing his usual anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist, anti-Capitalist hatred and bigotry:

    ITEM: President Obama sat under this man’s teachings for nearly 20 years.

    MEMO TO LIBERALS: Hatred, bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism is not carried in the genes, like blue or brown eyes, it’s taught by liberal-Marxist bigots like Rev. Jeremiah Wright to unsuspecting, impressionable believers.

  4. If only. You’ve nailed the reasons perfectly. Thanks.
    Where is the rest of the lazy WH Press
    corps? All saving their access for books to come?

  5. …and the world breathlessly awaits the healing words from His Awesomeness, the Emperor of the United States. Well, after he makes his NCAA picks, of course…

    1. Yes, he could trot out his world-class intellect, smarter than about anyone credentials and say, “I have looked into this with my gigantic brain and feel the chances of contamination reaching us in a dangerous amount is quite low, but we are monitoring it every minute and as I speak. As for taking iodine, I do not recommend this–there are many side effects and no benefit has been determined.” Then he can go sideways like he does and improvise on how much we support Japan, how many teams we have sent, how glad we are they can still afford us at least so far…blat blat…

      But yes–I kind of wonder about radiation–I live on the left side.

  6. Perhaps it would be better if he went golfing again instead of addressing any issues that concern Americans.
    The high-school debate team that writes his speeches is liable to make him describe the situation in Japan as ‘explosive’ or ‘we still stand unshaken in our concern for the Japanese but we’re kinda busy right now with fund-raising and packing for our vacation’.
    Nah, let’s stick with his SurgeonGeneral’s advice to be prepared and hunt down some iodine to prevent thyroid cancer.

    The tightened noose that he claimed was around Kaddifi’s neck has somehow been loosened and the tyrant is using it to tie up the rebels for, eh, re-education camps. So, nothing to say about that now.

    The budget crisis is averted again. The ContinuingResolutionBudget is working just fine( heck we didn’t even have a Budget last year). Why mess with what’s working.

    Inflation? That’s an insidious plot cooked up by the FatCatBankers and the CountyClubRepubs to fatten their wallets at the expense of the downtrodden middleclass workers.

      1. Not to worry, no pills for me.
        I used to swim in the OhioRiver before they built the municipal sewage treatment plants and the EPA forced the steelmills to quit dumping toxic chemicals into the river.
        I’m immune to everything that afflicts mankind.

        (might explain my twisted thinking)

  7. Yes, they would have to read this to catch this meme that is being repeated on every conservative news site and repeated on blog after blog, because you know, you’re so good and I am sure you thought of it first.

  8. Keith…the WH may not read your blog…but alot of Americans do!!! And though of us who comment…well, I cannot help but think WE reflect the pulse of ‘flyover’ Country…that we take the time to be informed and to care enough to ‘blog on’ about it.

    Thank you for giving us the forum.

    Now…to the potassium iodide tablets and the ‘casual’ mention given by our Surgeon General. W. T. F? (and I don’t mean Win the Future). The self medicating of the thyroid is not something that should be a ‘do it yourself project’ where you run out and ‘just stock up.’

    Others meds that are taken need to be evaluated for interaction; the dosage (based on weight?); the timing and actual need. But asking questions aren’t part of ANY type of ‘ObamaCare.’ Remember, even Nancy Pelosi told us to ‘we have to pass the Bill to find out what is in it…’ so using that mindset, I guess you ‘have to buy the iodide tabs’ to learn if you really need them.

    Not to worry…he picked the Jayhawks over the Buckeyes…

    1. Mary, thanks for your really considerate comment. It’s been such an education and an honor for me to hear from people outside of DC and the East Coast, where I have lived all my life. I have always been of the opinion that the basis of a Founders ideas on a democracy is that the wisdom in places like the heartland supersedes that of a university full of experts who have over-thought things to illogical conclusions. My experience listening to my readers has confirmed my belief.

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  10. Is it racist to wonder how this fat fattie got the job of Surgeon General?

    Listen to her talk, “the more we prepare, the better we can be,” and then a flood of prepare, educate, prepare, etc., just blather talk from the world of professional medical “educators.” Yeah, buy tablets because the more you prepare, the better you can be — if you don’t need them, well, at least you can feel good about being prepared, never mind the money wasted and the useless fear you went through. If there is a big radiation problem, you have your tablets and your sense of preparation to hold up against that radioactive cloud.

    Keith, I think this stupidity by our Surgeon General needs its own column. Don’t bury this here. The woman talks as if she has a 7th grade vocabulary and mental ability. What is she doing in such an important job?

  11. These pills are extremely dangerous. For instance, for people with allergies to iodine or shellfish, taking these tablets could prove fatal.

    At the very least, this woman should have mentioned this fact. I cannot believe the stupidity of this woman and the dictatorship supporting her.

    I predict many deaths from the iodine tablets in the very near future.

  12. And the President and First Family are headed to Rio this weekend. Lots of laughs and lots of fun. Fun and laughs, laughs and fun. God what a mistake this nation did in installing this horrible horrible idiot boob as President. A complete and total embarrassment to his party, to the Office of President, and to the entire United States of America. It’s sickening.

  13. The Obama crew, and Himself, don’t read the Dossier because they are arrogant and don’t believe any criticism, however valid, is to be accepted.

    Keep up the good work Keith. You offer timely and accurate information that assists us in understanding what is going on (or not) in the White House.

    1. Thanks so much Josh. I appreciate hearing it because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do – hold them accountable while trying to use my years of experience covering the place to try to interpret for my readers what’s really going on.

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