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Live Stream || Mrs. Obama Does Some Spring Planting

This event has finished. Everything is planted.

8 Responses to Live Stream || Mrs. Obama Does Some Spring Planting

  1. I missed it. Was she wearing her false eyelashes, $500 garden boots, designer top, fake nails, wig with bangs falling over one eye and skin tight leggings?

    Way too early to plant even for DC, but I guarantee, like every year, the veggies with be full grown in a month, a miracle.

  2. Isn’t it kind of early to be planting anything? I guess she has to rush it in order to the harvest photo ops in before the kids get out of school for the summer.

    This site says the last frost date is March 29th. So she’s only about two weeks early. Maybe she was working some of the abundant Obama bullsh*t into the soil to boost its fertility.

    Is it true that last year trucks snuck in during the night and the entire garden was replanted with fully grown plants? I read that somewhere, but never saw a source for the statement.

  3. I watched about 12 minutes of it and she was very nice to the kids until it was time to take the “pic” and she yelled “Move it, Move it!” to get them to regroup :)

    • Forgot to mention, she was the tallest person of everyone there…secret service, teacher, chefs by a good 3 inches. Maybe being 5’3″ is making me jealous? Nah