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Today’s Obama Poll || Afghanistan Not Worth It

By a two-to-one majority, Americans believe that fighting the war in Afghanistan was not worth it, and even more agree with President Obama that the United States should begin withdrawing this summer, according to a new poll by the Washington Post and ABC.

Some, including me, have questioned the military wisdom of President Obama’s strategy, believing the announcement that we will begin to get out this summer signals to the Taliban that they need only hunker down and wait. And some, including me, have questioned the wisdom of losing a war.

But politically, it appears clear, Obama’s approach is a winner.

I do hate to line up against the American people. Even so, it’s not clear that most Americans would agree that ANNOUNCING our intentions was a good idea.

This is what the pollsters asked:

All in all, considering the costs to the United States versus the benefits to the United States, do you think the war in Afghanistan has been worth fighting, or not? Do you feel that way strongly or somewhat?

            ----- Worth fighting ----   --- Not worth fighting --     No
            NET   Strongly   Somewhat   NET   Somewhat   Strongly   opinion
3/13/11     31       17         14      64       16         49         5

Half of those polled were asked the following question:

Do you think the United States should or should not withdraw a substantial number of U.S. combat forces from Afghanistan this summer?

          Should   Should not   No opinion
3/13/11     73         21            5

18 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || Afghanistan Not Worth It”

  1. Want to win the war in Afghanistan?

    Withdraw every swinging richard that is “conventional”, blow up the barracks, C4 the “fire bases” and everything else that stinks of “defense.” Pull out the clerks, supply personnel, airfield mechanics, and other rear echelons m-f’s (REMFs) and send them back home. Send the press camera’s packing and give everything else to the Afghani’s.

    Airdrop in 5,000 Special Forces, Ranger and SEAL personnel trained in Farsi, Arabic and counter-rev warfare with one mission: *interdict and destroy the Taliban.* Have them live in the field at 6 mo’s at a time, in 5, 10 and 20 man teams (no artillery), seek out the Taliban patrols and destroy them. No infantry, no engineers, no artillery, no tanks, armoured cars or anything that smacks of “leg.”

    The problem with Iraq and Afghanistan is the same problem we had in Vietnam: We had tank drivers in charge of a war that dealt exclusively with small unit action – counter-revolutionary warfare. Instead of hunting down Viet Cong, we destroyed villages and killed VC along with innocents while building theatres, swimming pools and miles and miles of supply depots – all sitting targets for VC mortar stonks. Obviously, we lost the war.

    Take a page from the British experience in Malaya (1948-1960) and STOP building crap. The Brits sent in small, 10-man patrols for 4-6 week search and destroy missions, SAS teams (airdropped into pre-selected DZ’s) deep into the jungles. The Brit’s cut off the Communists, starved patrols of arms, rice, explosives and … won.

    Duirng hte French Indochina War (1946-54), the French were not only successful in destroying Ho Chi Minh’s rear areas, but GCMA Commando’s (composed of French and Vietnamese soldiers) completely decimated the Vietmihn in the north with the use of strict, unconventional warfare – living off the land, destroying VM suppy lines, patrols, weapons cache, troop marshalling points. Although the French lost, the northern part of the country was still in the hands of the GCMA by 1954. Radio intercepts in Vietnam picked up French radio signals requesting resupply as late as 1970.

    If we wanted to win in Afghanistan we would have fought this war the way the Taliban fights it: unconventionally.

    But since we have “educated politicians” fighting it, we will, most likely, lose it.

    We are in need of an Orde Wingate, a Del la Rey, a David Stirling — someone who thinks OUTSIDE the box militarily to fight this war against the Islamists … and win.

    1. The military war machine isn’t geared to your plan, no matter how sensible and workable. The Generals and weapons providers need visable and expensive products to show there’s a war being waged.

      Teams of Seals,Rangers, etc. are by nature secretive and effective against a non-uniformed or un- regulated enemy. The Taliban or elQuada are goat-herders by day ,militia by night and no starwars type weaponry is going to overcome their will or defeat their purpose.
      We’re wasting our blood, money and time in a war that cannot be won.

      1. No matter much I have to admit it, your right SRDEM.

        Although I think you can win it, not by taking and holding real estate, but by destoying Taliban/AQ cells discriminately, the powers-that-be will never allow SPECOPS to fight a war without them. Without their toys. Without their photo ops. Without their nation building bullshit. When you have politico’s running things instead of hard-hitting, take no prisoner Generals, we will always lose.

        “The Vietnam War was fought in the confines of the White House,not in the rice paddies; thats why we lost.” – COL David Hackworth USA Ret’d

  2. I hate this war and I’d love nothing better than to bring our troops home, but what will happen if we quit too soon? The Middle East is blowing up right now,
    and having a stable Afghanistan is more important than ever.

    1. You must have a strategy, a plan to win. There must be a strategy to fight and defeat the Taliban NOT nation build. And thats the problem. In another 20 years, Iraq – for all the billions of dollars spent and lives taken – will simply generate into another bigoted, anti-Semitic, Islamic state that will support terrorism.

      You go to war to WIN – not nation build.

      Remember the sign over George Bush on the deck of the carrier? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Now those words WERE correct; we won the war. We should have left and let Iraq fight for its OWN freedom.


      1. It’s unstable now…it will be unstable when we leave. Maybe it will be a “sanctuary”–so what, the “bad guys” are in 110 countries. We can’t send in SEALS to kill all the Taliban–they LIVE there. They will come out of the cracks…This is a failed narcostate…the problem is it’s next door to another one with nukes. But propping up this one and teaching people to read so they can record the serial numbers on the weapons we give them is not the answer.

        I know many of you are still for “finishing off” etc. You may get your way–no one listens to the American people in this bunch. But if you ask me, Petraeus seems to be “short” now on this mess. We shall see.

  3. re: Trivial Pursuits
    Looking over about a 120 comments or so, there’s something else happening; I thought the public was angered or disgusted with the Prez, but it ‘s worse than that. I read fear in their comments, fear for our future, fear that MrO will be reelected, fear of events out of our control and no one’s in charge. The Prez’s defenders (there were a few) only propped up the man, not the job he’s supposed to be doing.

    1. I noticed that as well. The anger on the right is rising coupled with a huge sigh coming from the left. Look for a candidate to run against Obama …

    2. What you don’t seem to get is that no matter what job he does the right is going to criticize. The contant chorus is drowned out by it’s own noise. Were there a credible complaint it would be ignored by the “not so crazy” because the “crazy” screams about absolutely EVERYTHING. Instead of the boy who cried wolf you have the boy who cried TREASON. Obama is very likely to get elected and with the blacks coming out to vote in force again the Republican gains in congress are likely to be knocked back substantially. That and the Right showing what their true priorities are things are not looking so good for the GOP these days.

  4. Being a “professional journalist” you should know that the partial draw down this summer is hardly the beginning of a substantial withdrawl. Petraeus has stated that he believes it will be until 2014 until the US can begin a meaningful withdrawl. So do you think that politicians should be making decisions or the military? You should make up your mind because if you don’t agree with the current decision you are criticizing the military which is highly unamerican. perhaps it would be a good idea to set up a congressional commission to examine the partiotism of bloggers.

    1. Thomas,

      Why not arrest Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and Savage? Tear down their radio stations; denounce them on the air and have them shunted off to Guantanamo. After all these men “speak ill” of Mr. Obama. Why not shut down ALL of the new media on the internet and install “filters” that will tell Americans whats truth and whats not? This is, after all, what those of you on the left want: Complete and Total Control of the Debate.

      1. Tom,
        Skip your meds this morning? I think everyone knows that Hannity is a great American. Because as you know, all Republicans are great Americans. Only DemoRATS hate America.

  5. We may as well bring them home. With Obama leading the game, it’s a lost cause and is unnecessarily putting our boys in harm’s way, for no good reason.

    Bring them home.

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