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President Obama’s Trivial Pursuits

The Middle East is afire with rebellion, Japan is imploding from an earthquake, and the battle of the budget is on in the United States, but none of this seems to be deterring President Obama from a heavy schedule of childish distractions.

The newly installed tandem of White House Chief of Staff William Daley and Senior Adviser David Plouffe were supposed to impart a new sense of discipline and purpose to the White House. Instead, they are permitting him to showcase himself as a poorly focused leader who has his priorities backward.

This morning, as Japan’s nuclear crisis enters a potentially catastrophic phase, we are told that Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks and that we’ll be able to tune into ESPN Wednesday to find out who he likes.

Saturday, he made his 61st outing to the golf course as president, and got back to the White House with just enough time for a quick shower before heading out to party with Washington’s elite journalists at the annual Gridiron Dinner.

With various urgencies swirling about him, Saturday’s weekly videotaped presidential address focusing on “Women’s History Month” seemed bizarrely out of touch.

Obama Friday took time out to honor the 2009-10 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. Thursday was a White House conference on bullying – not a bad idea perhaps, but not quite Leader of the Free World stuff either.

Obama appeared a little sleepy as he weighed in against the bullies, perhaps because he’d spent the night before partying with lawmakers as they took in a Chicago Bulls vs. Charlotte Bobcats game.

Meanwhile, the president has been studying for weeks whether to establish a No Fly Zone over Libya, delaying action while the point becomes increasingly moot as Qaddafi begins to defeat and slaughter his opponents. And lawmakers from both Parties are wondering why he seems to be AWOL in the deficit reduction debate.

The Libya indecision follows an inconsistent response to the protests that ousted former Egyptian President Mubarak and seemed to catch the White House off guard. The perfunctory response from the White House Monday to Saudi Arabia’s dispatch of troops to Bahrain suggested the administration wasn’t prepared for that one either.

But the fun stuff won’t end anytime soon. On Thursday, the Taoiseach of Ireland will be in town to help the president celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. And then Friday it’s off to Brazil for the start of a three-country Latin American tour.

Oddly, he’ll be missing Carnival, which went down last week.

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      1. Can’t argue with that. He is known as the most least qualified man in the room… The wait staff could kick his @ss. Sad, but true.

        1. From what I understand, he always thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, whether he’s talking with successful businessmen, doctors, or aeronautical engineers. That middle finger of his may pop up as he’s resting his head in his hand.

          1. That “middle finger” says all we need to know. Back in the day, he would have been smacked to the floor. Obama is no better than a punk. I am sure you know of someone of his ilk, I do.

      1. Thank you.

        Not the subject matter that one should be proud of getting right, unless you are a terrorist. Just saying, as the enemy is now “inside” the gates.

        God help us…

        Excuse me while I go find my pitchfork, torch, feathers and tar…

    1. An utter disgrace of the office. I don’t care if Bugs Bunny is on the ballot next year versus this guy, Bugs get my vote. He is a clear and present danger to America….

    2. Our Administration is absolutely demoralizing and humiliating.. This proud honest, Christian based Country, fought for our Freedom,democracy, rights and GOOD HUMANITARIAN believes and helping people and countries all over the World for the same freedoms that we have fought for!!! We have gone to battle and lost our loved ones for the privilege of helping others and what does this President and his Administration do?? Nothing!!! He’s selling us out..Lordy I hope we all some how step up and speak and vote to change the direction we’re heading in…jv

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  2. Even his Democrat compatriots have lately come to openly criticize Barack Obama for his inexplicable detachment from the grave issues confronting America; and, his utter refusal to engage in formulation of corrective policy discussions. Instead, Obama sits on the sidelines throwing barbs at Republican attempts to right our ship-of-state; and, insists that the Congress first come up with a solution which he will then anoint or reject depending upon the political winds of the day. This strategy was never more apparent then in the Obamacare negotiations when he was confronted by the obviously more superior knowledge of Rep. Paul Ryan; and, escaped an embarrassing expose’ of his shallow clichés by angrily retorting: “That’s a conversation that we’ll save for another day.” Simply another example of Barack voting ‘Present’. Obama, an individual TOTALLY devoid of any leadership qualities, learned very early in his career that it’s far preferable to obscure ones ignorance by silence, rather than speaking extraneously and confirming that he is indeed a complete ‘buffoon’. The American electorate can anticipate that between now and Nov. 2012 that Obama will be more rigidly anchored then ever to his pre-programmed teleprompters to continue the obfuscation of his dearth of knowledge and leadership on the critical issues of our day. Unfortunately, none of us can escape accountability for the tragic state of affairs that has befallen our Nation; since, it’s the American electorate ( i.e. us ), who willingly consumed this con-artists Kool-Aid, who are directly responsible for the debacle that we’re now confronted with while concurrently witnessing America’s rapid descent from Super-Power status; and, loss of prestige in the world community. Greg Neubeck

    1. Greg: Excellent post and spot on. I would like you and all posters to
      realize that this Lack of Obama’s Actions, ARE DELIBERATE, as he is fulfilling his Agenda to diminish America and bring her to her knees.

      His Ideology and his Agenda are purposely being realized as he side steps our Constitution, Congress and others sounding America’s alarm. Could this happen with any other president? Doubtful, as Obama’s actions are known by many, Even as he tried to hide his past, and his associates.

      Please ALL of YOU here, go to a site, FROM New Zealand, Trevor Loudon who was responsible in outingthe Communist, Van Jones that Obama hired as his Czar. His site exposes the REAL Obama, as no one in the LapDog Media, in awe of Obama was/is willing to do.

      In particular, please read the article Loudon wrote about:

      Democratic Socialists of America (About their connection to the Communist Party of America and Independent Marxist Allies, that have effectively taken over complete control of the U.S. Labor movement. There is a picture of Obama and Trumka(Pres.of Union)
      and Loudon connects these two in their “Agenda For America”.

      As well, you may want to go to AIM(Accuracy in Media) for the past
      articles by Cliff Kincaid, that are vital to you, regarding Obama’s REAL
      Agenda for America.

      @ AIM: on 2/14/08, “Obama’s International Socialist Connections”,
      by Cliff Kincaid

      and on 9/7/2009, “The Blogger Who Nailed Van Jones”
      (that would be Trevor Loudon-New Zealand)

      Please folks, read these very important articles, that show the path
      that Obama set out to accomplish(and is)

    2. Jo, Most certainly you are correct; but unfortunately, too many Americans refuse to accept the fact that Obama is “The Manchurian Candidate” in the flesh. Greg

      1. Thanks Greg. I know they don’t Want to accept this, as they are conned by the Con-Man From Chicago, that actually taught the
        “Saul Alinsky Method” to Acorn people.

        That is why I list the sites, so that people will awaken from their slumber, and read for themselves and seek the truth about Obama and how this ALL started.

        @ NewZeal, there are 40 pages of Obama’s past, that “connect all the dots” and put his associations in order for the reader.

        Again, Please posters do it.

        1. Hey, ItsJo —– Just exactly what is this 40 add page source of information? I, for one, would very much like to see the background of Obama. Please clarify for all of us, if you would. Thank you. DCS

    3. My family came from the “old country” to escape this insanity. No need to read, as the writing is on the wall. The sad part is… No one knows the brutal and ugly History, as it has not been taught for many years and has been glossed over and turned into some noble cause.

      Marxism is for the PEOPLE, not the Marxists. Enough said.

    4. Greg, that was an extremely well-written comment. I’m of the opinion that if our current commander in chief was only half as intelligent as you, we wouldn’t be in the horrible mess we’re in!

    5. Absolutely right on! However, isn’t it stunning, and also indicative of the problems we face as a nation, that there still is no probing of this man by a curious mainstream media? He truly can do no wrong in their eyes. To the left, to Obama, and to the media, the end justifies the means.

  3. Does anyone find this surprising? This is they guy when elected everyone praised and embraced “change”. Well, you got what you asked for. No matter how you feel about GW you can be sure none of this would happen under his watch.

      1. Hey JM, John made no mention of natural disasters but yet you insulted him. Neither did the post he was commenting on. If you wish to converse with the grown ups, try reading some time; maybe you will learn something. Otherse go back to HuffyPO with the other derelicts.

      2. Well, JM, why didn’t “The Chosen One” avert this natural disaster in Japan? He is supposed to be so wonderful, right? In reality, he is an idiot! I’m glad the public is finally waking up to his brand of “change”.

        1. Excellent point made, mintjulip.

          Perhaps JM recalls Obama promising to “calm the seas” as one of his most bizarre campaign promises. Hmmm, JM? Do you remember the self-annointed “leader” promising that, or will your selective memory kick in again?

          That ANYONE voted for someone who made such outrageously pompous and undeliverable campaign promises only proves how out to lunch THEY are … birds of a feather, etc.

          JM, it’s time to cut through the obvious fog that’s causing you to not see things clearly. I know this fog, because I once voted for Clinton, and it took a lot to shake me from that fog, but you can do it too. How would you expect a world leader to respond to multiple crises at home and abroad (such as those mentioned in the article above)? By playing golf, by partying through the nights, by being slow to respond/decide even when called upon to do so by other world leaders? Or would a true world leader be less amateurish? You must admit, JM, Obama’s lack of somber notes during these crises is eerily reminiscent of Nero “fiddling” while Rome burned. Now ask yourself further, as the debate continues on Nero’s actions … did he by his own actions order the fires set to blame it on the newly-formed Christian groups that seemed to be pestering people with their talk of ‘Truth’ that somehow bruised Nero’s delicate ego, or was he insane and merely out to lunch and didn’t care what happened to the people and land he governed? Now close your eyes, and picture Obama as Nero … the similarities are pretty amazing and pretty sickening aren’t they?

          Think, JM, think, before you utter another word of praise or defense for a man who at best is ignorant or maniacally insane or at worst all too troublingly deliberate in his actions/inactions while America and now the world is plunged into crisis after crisis.

          Leftists still chastise Bush for spending a few minutes to ponder the enormity of the events when this country was attacked outright, and in his desire not to panic the children or the nation, calmly took the reigns and actually LED this country as a true world leader should. And NOW leftists actually DEFEND and even PRAISE Obama’s ludicrous play-date outings and inaction for MONTHS on matters of supreme importance not only to America, but the world?!

          So you see, JM, why people turn a blind eye to ramblings that in any way condone/support/praise such a “leader” as Obama imagines himself to be (but who anyone with two firing synapses not clouded by ignorance knows he is not).

          May you, JM, and the rest of the leftists, finally emerge from the fog of ignorance. And I mean that sincerely, not to be punitive at all.

          May God bless America with a real leader in 2012 … and may God keep us from too much “Obama-care” in the meantime … these are my constant and fervent prayers for the nation and the world.

      3. I believe what Johnie meant was his lack of any leadership from this fraud in the White House. Leave it to the Moonbat leftist like yourself to attempt to distract from the real truth. I hate the left for just this reason.

      4. “Allowed a natural disaster?” What exactly was Bush supposed to do to prevent Katrina from hitting our shores? Evidently, you do think that Obama is divine and can move mountains and stop natural disasters from happening.
        That’s a slippery slope you navigate. If Bush was supposed to prevent Katrina, then Obama must surely prevent every natural disaster and tragedy from occurring.
        Are you sure you don’t want to rethink your assignment of blame to Bush for the natural, unavoidable occurrence of Katrina? I mean the blame Bush strategy is stale and exposes the hateful, uninformed mind.

      5. You can bet your a$$ Bush wouldn’t have been out playing golf immediately following it. He would have been doing whatever he could to lend a hand.

        George Bush, while maybe a little too spend happy himself, never set out to destroy the nation and besmirch it in the manner Obozo has done……

    1. Our country may not have liked GW very much (or at all), but there’s no denying the fact that he was a doer. A real man of action. We need that back.

  4. Obama was totally unqualified to be elected and now we’re paying for it with this boob. He’s acting as if he’s the king and can do anything he wants, but he has to have lots of play time. He’s a loser and will go down in history as even worse than Carter. I don’t understand why the House doesn’t cut funding to the administration dramatically!

    1. Bea: You are exactly right and it IS DELIBERATE.

      Bea, I am BEGGING you and the rest of the posters to please read



      Cliff Kincaid, over @ A.I.M. has worked tirelessly on much of this, so please folks-go to his site and you can get his columns sent daily
      via email.

  5. So glad our own Emperor Nero has time to entertain himself while the world collapses………can’t wait to get the real 44th President in office in 2012.

  6. Good info…we never hear about what he’s actually doing.
    I know its public knowledge but the public doesn’t “know”.

    I hope when the election rolls around, people get to know how he spent his time during these dark days.

  7. The NCAA tourney, Blackhawks celebration or The Gridiron dinner aren’t the distractions: the real world is the real sidetracker for Barry.

  8. So glad Emperor Nero here is keeping himself entertained while the world burns…..can’t wait till we get the real 44th President in 2012.

  9. To be blunt, he doesn’t care. He is the MTV black cool president. He doesn’t want to confront his muslim buddies in the middle east. He is hoping they win. Mubarak had to go so his friends in the muslim brotherhood can take over. Then they can attack Israel from Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Jordan. Obama is to busy destroying what is left of america by racking up staggering debt, and attacking her social structures. All is going according to plan for him; and the media is still in his pocket to boot. All is going well for him praise be to Allah.

  10. Oh, for the days of Ronald Reagan. He had strength of his convictions, core values and he followed through with a strong sense of purpose. Obama seems to not care about the serious matters of the world. He’s just taking advantage of the perks of being the President. It really is outrageous and disgusting. PLEASE do not re-elect him.

    1. No,,, he thinks he’s King….. his bride of King Kong thinks she’s Queen….. and thanks to the media, we really do now have a “royal family”……..

      People suggest he “acts like” he is king….. No,, HE ACTS LIKE KING PERIOD!!! THUS HE IS!

      He NEEDS TO GO!!!

  11. Obama has narcissistic personality disorder so he is incapable of showing real compassion for others. Why don’t the people around him reign him in? I think they know that he can’t handle criticism. It would too threatening to him.

  12. This man is really outrageous..He’s just taking advantage of the perks of being the President and cares about nothing else. Bring on the basketball games and the golf outings.

  13. Obama is just a horrible example of a human being. He is a product of low expectations and affirmative action. He was supposed to be an example of the capabilities and opportunities for blacks. Epic failure, there.

    People that STILL identify with him are dumber than an applicate for a job with the Dayton PD or will have to run like he!! from him.

    I predicted this. Too bad the first black president was not Walter Williams or Herman Cain or the brilliant Thomas Sowell or my personal hero Ward Connerly or many, many other truly great American blacks.

    Instead we elect an incompetent, affirmative action, pass-along empty suit.

    1. Lester, You named MEN that would have make a better president. These men have done more than community organized and vote present. Unfortunately the country put a boy in the office and he is out to have a good time. We can only hope that the American public wakes up in 2012

  14. Just as Nero fiddled his violin while Rome burned, so does likewise president Barry Soetoro while Japan suffers nuclear meltdowns, massive population losses, the world’s economies shrink, 22% jobless rate in the U.S., looming radioactive fallout cloud coming from the East, etc. This speaks volumes about hope competent our fearless leader is.

  15. Spring Break in Rio with the family…I can’t think of a better way to get away from it all. You know what they say…”If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Sadly, Obama doesn’t even know where the kitchen is.

    1. Yes, it certainly has nothing to do with the face that Brazil is the second-biggest economy in the Americas, and one of the fastest-growing in the world. He’s certainly going for the nice beaches.

    1. Bush would never behave like the Won and wifey. GWB has total class and worked hard in the WH and at his ranch. No fancy vacation – gave up golf. A humble America, God-loving man. This guy and Mechelle are grifters.


        You people are ridiculous. Maybe Obama should have just stuck to being an out-of-touch elitist, huh, instead of doing something that, you know, Real Americans do to participate in this nation’s cultural life.

        You can’t have it both ways.

  16. This guy is WORSE than Jimmy Carter, we read more about Obama’s vacations, golf, attendance at basketball games and about predictions for college basketball. Can’t expect a lot from an ex community organizer.

    1. As much as I despise Carter, at least he had the decency to hide in the White House and not on the golf course during the Iranian hostage crises. Both are as useless as you coudl ever get, though.

  17. You are a total tool. Veteran Whitehouse reporter or opinion blogger. Hey, if you want to fluff up your resume you wouldn’t be the first. So tell me Keith, did you have a problem with the number of days the preceding president was “on vacation”?
    So getting away to play golf for 4 hours is a greater sin than clearing brush i guess. I mean seriously, how dare the president go to an event on a Saturday night. Do people really take you seriously? You are no journalist, you are a tool.

        1. Whatever. In 2008 Obama sold himself as being above the “nightmare” of the Bush administration. He was going to be everything Bush wasn’t. Now that it’s apparent that he’s just another hack politician who appears to be more in love with the perks of the Presidency and abhorrent of the work that goes along with it than any President I’ve seen in my lifetime opponents are hypocrites for calling him out on it because Bush, the GUY HE SOLD HIMSELF AS BEING ABOVE, did it too.

          Nice job reducing it to name calling though absent any real defense of your man.

          1. So let me get this straight. You are saying you were critical of Bush clearing weeds instead of being President for more days than any president in recent history and you are not just using this as yet another baseless attack? Just want to make sure I get the facts straight here. So playing Basketball or golf or promoting college sports on ESPN should be completely done away with? What makes you such a joke is if the dude liked wind surfing you would be calling him an out of touch elistist even if he had only done it twice since elected. Face it this is another stupid attack that has NO bearing on anything substantial. Just yet another reason for you troglodytes to foam at the mouth.

      1. See comment above and below. You have zero credibility. None. The arguments you and your fellow haters are ignorant and childish. Typical republican nonsense so it is no surprise.

        1. No bub,,,, YOU lost when you brought Bush into it.

          GIVE IT UP!! Remember?? YOUR GUY WON! He has been in office for over TWO YEARS!

          You marxists are such bloviated hypocrites.

    1. Thomas,
      You’re lost; walk about a crooked mile, take a hard left and you will find the Huffington Post mindless zombies waiting for you.

      1. Mindless zombies are those that do not realize that when they are critical of one person due to their political leanings while giving another a ride based upon their political leanings makes the basis of their argument completely empty.

  18. C’mon, you are NOT independent. Rather, you are using the false FoxNews claim of being “fair and balanced”. No, you are nothing more than a part of the right wing echo machine, the so-called “vast right wing conspiracy” that hides behind the mask of news and fairness to push a VERY silted agenda.

    Shame on you.

  19. He comes off as a kid in his second childhood–with Kobe beef…and truffle sauce. Come on! Radiation headed over here…anything, anything?

  20. Not much you can really say – truthfully, it would seem that he would understand what the words “arrogant and brazen” mean.

  21. Let’s see if his spelling improves from last year…If you remember he butchered ‘Syracuse’ in March, 2010.

    This guy is obviously ‘in it’ for the fun, games, meet & great sort of stuff. I would think that this sort of presiding over our country is rather embarrassing to his supporters but the hard core ones will remain with him forever I suppose. I do see that his approval numbers are heading down again so some are paying attention. Can’t wait until Nov. 2012. I’ve got to believe that someone on the ‘R’ side will show some competence and win the general election.

  22. Democrat, Indy or GOP you have to wonder just what the heck is going through this guys mind? Everything he does seems in DIRECT conflict to common sense and the logic shared by the majority of the free world, let alone the will of the American People. I am tired of watching this guy and his ilk dismantle our once great nation in blitzkrieg fashion. I wish I could cry like the S.O.T.H. (JB) because the emotion and frustration is definitely there. With all this going on he’s smiling? Worried about NCAA brackets? Playing golf? Libyan rebels (potential allies) are being slaughtered while the great liberator (USA) stands idle? A NO FLY ZONE IS A NO_BRAINER! Do YOUR JOB Mr Presdident!

    1. Think of this? The leader of the Libyan rebels says they have been ABANDONED! And you KNOW he means the US…. now, these marxist morons claim GITMO is a “recruiting tool” for Al-qaeda,,,, having HEARINGS is a “recruiting tool” for al-Qaeda,,,,

      What exactly do they think THIS POLICY is going to be???

      Marxist MORONS…..

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