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Obama Morning News || Tuesday, March 15, 2011

President Obama is ducking the debate over the budget, according to POLITICO, choosing instead to pursue his own “winning the future” agenda. POLITICO also reports that Obama seems snakebit on energy policy with his recent embrace on nuclear energy followed by the disaster in Japan.

Prospective GOP presidential candidate Haley Barbour, the Mississippi governor, bashed Obama for his energy policies, while Obama seeks new ways to fire up his base.

Obama Monday called for a rewrite of No Child Left Behind.

The U.S. – Saudi relationship is fraying as Saudi Arabia sends troops to defend the Bahraini monarchy from protestors.

The NRA is rejecting President Obama’s invitation to join a discussion on better enforcement of gun laws, saying it won’t sit down with people who want to “destroy the Second Amendment.”

And the firing of State Department spokesman PJ Crowley over his complaints about DOD treatment of Wikileaker Bradley Manning is creating another cause for dissatisfaction on the left with Obama.

5 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || Tuesday, March 15, 2011”

    1. This family junket might be the one that that goes too far. There is no government business or concern that requires the Prez to travel to SouthAmerica. The upcoming European junket is also unwarrented by National concerns.
      While MrO ignores our bugetary crisis, the crisis in the MiddleEast, unemployment in the US and the sorrowful tragedy in Japan to take his family on a taxpayer sponsered vacation it becomes clearer that his administration is out of touch with anything that concerns the voters.

      Golf, party, crack wise, vacation MrO and we’ll tell you how we feel about it in 2012.

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