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Today’s Obama Poll || Public Split on Libya No Fly Zone

Americans are evenly divided on whether the United States should establish a No Fly Zone in Libya, with 44 percent approving and 45 percent saying no, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center. But Americans overwhelmingly oppose bombing Libyan air defenses, a necessary step in enforcing a No Fly Zone.

The poll seems poorly constructed to me, since the question about bombing Libyan air defenses is asked out of the context of establishing a No Fly Zone – it’s asked as if we would, unprovoked, just start bombing away at Libyan air defenses.

Anyway, for a public that quite rightly is suspicious of overseas military action and that hasn’t yet been sold by its leaders on the idea of a No Fly Zone, a showing that half the country wants it seems like surprisingly strong support to me.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || Public Split on Libya No Fly Zone”

  1. A NFZ? sure. Let France lead the way by sending their planes to bomb Libya. Heck, send in the French ForeignLegion on the ground to shoot back at Kadaffi’s troops.
    Let’s not leave out the Arab nations who want someone else to do something, let them send troops into Libya. They have suicide bombers who want to become martyrs, let them look for Kaddafi and blow him to smitheens.

    This isn’t sarcasm, this is America saying to the concerned parties ‘put your money where your mouth is’ or get some skin in the game.

  2. When we have encouraged them to stand up for their freedom, and when they have asked for our very limited help, it becomes our business.

  3. Lets not forget what Gadhafi did to Pan Am Flight 103…What is wrong with Obama for not helping the Libyan people fight for freedom. Obama needs to be a strong leader at this time. The leaders of the world have to help out. People are dying…

  4. Pissed as grits at Americans testosterone fueled desire to bomb. Why not bomb Bahrain, killing their people–with Saudis. So we have to invade Saudi Arabia, to stop that, and Zimbabwe whose dictator Mugabe is killing his people. And Texas, who kills their people (they call it execution.) Why not warmongers?

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