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Mr. President, Get Your Feet off the Desk, Part II

We’ve already described for you President Obama’s unfortunate habit of putting his feet up on the nearest piece of furniture, whether it be a coffee table or the historic Resolute Oval Office desk.

But now things have just gone too far.

White House Dossier has obtained this photo of a recent meeting between Obama and Chief of Staff William Daley.

This has totally got to stop.

14 thoughts on “Mr. President, Get Your Feet off the Desk, Part II”

  1. Just more lack of respect for the history, the Office of President and most of all the Country. Never fear he will get elected again. Oh, you don’t think I’m right. Look at the State of Chicago, sorry I mean City of Chicago, and how they keep electing the same people over and over that do the same BS.

  2. Sort of different subject–why didn’t you tell us that Daniels made cracks about fat people–he is so off my list now! Right up there with Mitt with the pooch strapped to the car. At least I have good reasons! The man is…well, height compromised, and he makes physical cracks!?

  3. Captions?
    Dude. You tell that kaddafi that if he doesn’t get with the program he’ll not be seeing Beyonce or that other one again.

    Dude. Stick with me and for a mere 1billion I’ll get you one of those wireless phones so you won’t have to sit at this wreck of a desk to talk to Rahm-bo.

  4. Caption: Dude! Look, man. Alrught. Alrught. Now, look dude. Ok. Now. Yo Mr. President, look at me man. Stop talking on the phone dude! Like weirdness times five! Yo homeboy!

  5. Shoeing or showing someone the soles of your shoes is one of the most disrespectful things you could do in many countries, especially the Middle East. Muntadhar al-Zaidi chose to throw a his shoe at President Bush out of disrespect for him.

    I wonder if Obama only shows his soles to white people (the colonialist)? I bet he never does that to his middle Eastern guests.

      1. Well, at least you recognize it is not a good look, so make sure you have well maintained feet and toes. Yuck, I can’t look.

  6. This photo is fake… the space between the “dude’s” legs is clearly missing the desk. How could nobody have caught this? Even the shading of whatever negative space is between his legs is off. It’s not even a good photoshop.

    I agree that it’s disrespectful to throw your feet up on the Resolute Desk, but we look like fools falling for this faked photo.

  7. Not only is this a BAD Photoshop job; it’s so bad that virtually every conservative will believe it’s real. Why are you so gullible?

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