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Obama Morning News || Monday, March 14, 2011

President Obama is stonewalling Republican investigators trying to get details of his meetings with lobbyists on the health reform, according to the Huffington Post.

Bill Clinton says Obama’s moving too slow on issuing new oil and gas drilling permits and that he’d back a No Fly Zone over Lybia, POLITICO reports. POLITICO also has an interesting piece on how Sarah Palin is running afoul of conservatives.

Meanwhile, Obama is trying to be hip again, hoping to reconnect with young voters, according to the Washington Post. Obama wrote – or co-wrote – his own op-ed in the Arizona Daily Star calling for better background checks for gun purchases.

Looking for a possible achievement this year, Obama today ramps up his call to change No Child Left Behind.

And finally today, there’s the odd saga of State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley, who was shown the door after slamming the Defense Department for its treatment of Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks leaker.

8 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || Monday, March 14, 2011”

  1. Arizona Daily Star? Wow. Great place for a liberal-Marxist President to make his case to the American people for more gun control. Arizona is the last free state in the Union. I think they still have open carry. My dad always called it “The Arizona Republic.” That state gave us one of our greatest political heroes – Mr. Goldwater.

    1. Yes, AZ does have open carry laws for firearms. Prior to the change of liquor laws in the 80’s, a patron had to give his firearm to the bartender before he was served, now they must leave the gun in their vehicle.
      It’s not unusual to see a person wearing a holster in public or seeing a long gun attached to the rear window of a pickup truck or standing upright in a SUV.

      The Prez should have directed his anti-firearm thoughts to Chicago or LosAngeles. Maybe it would be effective in DC or Detroit.
      It sure as heck won’t fly in Arizona.

      1. As an east coaster, it turned a few lights on for me once when I was in a cab in one Texas city – forget which – and the driver told me, “We really don’t have much crime here. Everybody has a gun.”

  2. MrsPalin compared to RevSharpton? How insulting and demeaning.
    The masters at Politico must have been ‘bullied’ to make that comparison.

    Then, they post a ridiculously inaccurate opinion by MrsSeibilus(?) about the positive effect that Obamacare has already had on the public. She never mentions the 1,000+ waivers issued by her to unions, States and corporations that complained that complying with Obamacare would be detrimental to their employees and bottom line profits. Is there an opposing view of her statement? NO. More bullying?

    MrCrowley isn’t a novice in a political position; he knew that his words matter and not following the party line wouldn’t be tolerated.

  3. Sarah Palin is not on the outs with conservatives. She is on the outs with establishment Republicans and Bush cronies because she doesn’t toe the party line. She has the cajones they are lacking. Aren’t the guys that run Politico alums of Wapo? Enough said.

  4. Interesting that the I Won is going after guns. His admin directed the Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms to let the guns cross the border into Mexico – infuriating the Mexican government. BO is such a hypo.**Good news – his ratings are down to 44% (the number should be 4%) but the fact that they are sliding is reason for hope.

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