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Secret Service Tapes From the Day Reagan Was Shot

Thought you might like to listen to to this. It’s the newly released recording of the Secret Service chatter at the time Ronald Reagan was shot on March 30, 2011.

The recording opens with an announcement that Reagan is headed out of the Hilton – known around Washington as the “Hinckley Hilton” – and then a relatively calm announcement that shots had been fired. Reagan was thought to be okay, but soon it became clear he was hit, and the limo sped to George Washington Hospital.

There’s a video here which includes photos from the moments surrounding the shooting. You’ve seen them all, and so have I. But one thing I noticed this time – take a look at the two cops in the photo just before Reagan is shot. Notice what they are looking at. And notice what they are not looking at – the small crowd from which the shooter was about to emerge.

Spooky listening.

H/T to PJ Tatler, where I first saw this.

4 thoughts on “Secret Service Tapes From the Day Reagan Was Shot”

  1. Hearing the news and watching the reports on TV made me physically ill.
    I thought “oh no, not again”. Seeing this newly released video brought it all back again.
    The SecretService has a difficult job protecting someone who wants and needs to be out in public.

  2. I was a few blocks away when this happened–I lived a few blocks away. These things happen fast! For some reason, I felt better about the SS in those days–and still this happened. Now, they are less in evidence on TV–with their curly-que ear wires, scanning, scanning…eyes always moving. Maybe I just don’t see them.

  3. I was in middle school and in PE Class when the Coach said, “Holy crap, the President’s been shot” and turned and told us all to go shower up, gym class was over. I remember we immediately made our way to a t.v. in the cafeteria (back then, a single, huge t.v. was transported on an AV carrier and moved from class to class). We watched the video over and over on ABC (the only channel on) and no one said a thing. Even as kids we were too stunned. Reagan was like a father figure.

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