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Arab League Backs Libya No Fly Zone

Now the Arab countries are out ahead of President Obama. The consequences of our inaction with respect to our position in the Arab world and with our allies could not be clearer. All of our supposed commitment to democracy and reform is on the line.

True, the United Nations Security Council has not yet agreed. Maybe we should ask Russia and China to approve our federal budget as well.

Anyway, those two repressive regimes can’t really be rooting for rebels, now can they?

I’m not sure what we’re waiting for at this point in order to prevent a genocide in Libya. Maybe we’re waiting for Qaddafi to agree to it.

UPDATE: White House makes usual noises:

Statement from the Press Secretary on Arab League announcements today

We welcome this important step by the Arab League, which strengthens the international pressure on Gaddafi and support for the Libyan people. The international community is unified in sending a clear message that the violence in Libya must stop, and that the Gaddafi regime must be held accountable. The United States will continue to advance our efforts to pressure Gaddafi, to support the Libyan opposition, and to prepare for all contingencies, in close coordination with our international partners.


15 thoughts on “Arab League Backs Libya No Fly Zone”

  1. “We blah, blah, blah” “Pressure Gaddafi blah, blah, blah” “We’re tightening the noose blah, blah, blah”.
    There won’t be any decision made on the MiddleEast crisis or anything else
    until the decider gets off the golf course, comes home from tonight’s party and can overcome his “scheduling conflicts”.
    The crisis over the Federal budget won’t be resolved until VPBiden is able to recover from jet lag from his “previously scheduled” European junket.

    1. Once action is taken by France (using its naval assets in the Med. and the Foreign Legion in Corsica) Obama will ride in after Quaddaffi’s body has long been burned to a crisp in his Headquarters, then claim “victory.”

      I’ll be damned if the Arab League sends a taskforce to outst Q. They were quite stingy in the wars against Israel.

  2. Actually Im stuck between calling in bout 72 hours up too maybe Thursday we will see England and France hit them..Barry missed the bus while on the course.
    I really think we should do it with missile cruisers off the coast,I do think its all that’s needed after a stealth attack

  3. The “League” should police its own. As we’ve noted before, the Libyan “rebels’ are not the good guys because they’re ‘rebels’. This Country, as a Country, celebrated the Lockerbie bombing as well as 911. The people there can DIAF for all we care. There’s not a Libyan worth any other Nation giving a soldier’s life for.

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