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White House Conference on Bullying Schedule

Here’s a link to the schedule of events for and info about the White House Conference on Bullying. I’ll run a live stream of the president and the first lady’s remarks at 10:35.

UPDATE: Ran the live stream. Obama seemed totally hung over from the party he hosted last night to watch the Chicago Bulls game, slurring and mispronouncing words and generally looking sleepy. I was a little worried he was going to suddenly keel over.

The link above will direct you to White House live feeds of today’s events if you want to watch.

5 Responses to White House Conference on Bullying Schedule

  1. This administration seems like the perfect people to teach “How To Bully 101”. Maybe they could get Rahm to make a guest appearance! Then they could start classes on “Ripping Off The Middle Class While They’re Busy Doing The Right Thing” and “Manipulating Numbers to Make Yourself Look Good”.

  2. This White House is bullying the American taxpayers with all their ram-through policies and lawsuits and holier than thou attitudes.
    I can’t wait until 2012; this bunch will be sent packing up their thousand dollar handbags to move to another country.

  3. Slurred speech? Mispronunciations? Mid morning sleepiness? An office temp accounting would get fired for such behavior…but Duh Won…well I guess he is ‘keeping it real.’

    I guess its time for another vacay (on our dime).

  4. BO said he was bullyed because of his ears and funny name. He’s lying. I don’t think Barry is a very funny name. He didn’t become Barack until he was 19 or 20 and even then, according to John Drew, he continued to use the name Barry.

    He was just using his campaign talking point to imply people discriminated against him because he was black.