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Profane Comedian Silverman Says Obama’s a Fan

Sarah Silverman, the frequently profane comedian who has insulted a variety of targets, including the Catholic Church, said President Obama told her he loves her humor.

During an appearance today on the Howard Stern Show, Silverman said Obama offered her the compliments during a brief encounter in a hallway.

From POLITICO’s Click, which wrote up her Stern appearance.

Silverman didn’t disclose when the meeting took place but said that she was able to quickly meet the president in a hotel hallway. Obama aide Reggie Love and speechwriter Jon Favreau were also in attendance.

“He shakes my hand, he goes, ‘Oooooo, I’m a big fan! You’re very talented! Although I turn the volume down when my girls come into the room,'” said Silverman, whose particular brand of humor is notable for its edginess and is frequently controversial . . .

“I’m going to be naked in a movie!” Silverman nervously shot out.

Silverman said Obama turned to her agent and said, “Oh, you’ll have to send me a copy of that,” but added that it wasn’t meant in a creepy way but more as “a gracious way to get out of” the awkwardness that Silverman had created . . .

“Oh my God, he gave me a big hug,” said Silverman. “His body is like a thoroughbred. It’s just, like, pure muscle.”


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12 Responses to Profane Comedian Silverman Says Obama’s a Fan

  1. Barf.

    Yeah, I bet he’s really a fan and turned down the volume when his girls walk in. Was that right after he was shaving and his daughter asked him when he’s going to plug the hole? That whole thing just rings so phony.

    I heard part of this interview when my husband was listening to it this morning and hearing her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. She is about the least amusing comedian (does that title even fit?) that I’ve heard.

  2. Hehe, thoroughbred.
    Slang Dictionary

    thoroughbred definition

    1. n.
    an underworld person who is trustworthy and loyal to the underworld.

  3. This is what OUR White House has lowered to. Beyonce and Jay Z frolicing in the Situation Room, antique Christmas ornaments defaced and recycled by ‘crafters’ …and now future nude scenes of Sarah Silverman on the Theatre screen.

    Its all about as depressing as a Sarah Silverman comedy routine.

  4. I dont doubt that the pres. is a huge fan….he watches her quite often and follows her career closely…cause he sure as hell isnt running the country