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Obamacare Item Breaks Tax Promise AND Raises Costs

President Obama’s promise not to raise taxes on the middle class has already been violated in the health care bill.

That’s because, as you may have noticed, a provision of the bill, already in force, says you can’t count over the counter drug purchases toward your tax deductible health care flexible savings accounts anymore.

As far as I understand it, when you pay more taxes, your taxes have gone up.

Now the Wall Street Journal has noticed that people are trying to jump through a loophole which says you can get the OTC drugs if you can finagle a prescription out of your doctor.

They’re headed to the doctor for prescriptions. And driving up health care costs.

The result is that Americans are visiting their doctors before making a trip to the drugstore, hoping their physician will help them out by writing the prescription. The new requirements create not only an added burden for doctors, but also new complications for retailers and pharmacies.

“It drives up the cost of health care as opposed to reducing it,” says Dr. Chung, who rejected much of a 10-item request from a mother of four that included pain relievers and children’s cold medicine.

H/T to Glenn Reynolds’ Instapundit, where I first saw this.

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5 Responses to Obamacare Item Breaks Tax Promise AND Raises Costs

  1. We have a town close to us that has passed a law that you can no longer buy OTC cold and sinus medicine without a doctors prescription. They have done this to curb meth production.

    Now, instead of trying to cure yourself with a 5.00 box of OTC, I have to spend 45.00 for an office call to buy the 5.00 OTC.


  2. Loophole? Funny. I had no problem getting my OTCs prescribed whatever, I had already been instructed to take them by my doctor.

    If I hadn’t, I woudn’t.

    @ news junkie – call your doctor’s department, ask for his nurse, and ask for a refill. Takes mine about 2 hours, I pick them up at lunch.